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Combat Rogue Inflammatory Cells With Patented Milk Concentrate Called Microlactin™

Microlactin from cow's milk
MicroLactin, micronutrients from cow's
milk combats inflammation.

Overwhelming clinical results make MicroLactin™  your first line of defense against pain and stiffness. 

This patented milk concentrate works so much better than anything we’ve seen - we think it’s the next “big thing” in joint care.  Across 30 clinical studies, the proven benefits of MicroLactin™ are astounding:

• 90% Effective - 9 out of 10 individuals
   significantly improved joint health
• Works FAST– Feel the benefits in just 2 weeks
• Works 60% better than the widely used glucosamine
• Relieves temporary pain and stiffness associated with everyday activities
• And much more that you’ll read later!

Microlactin is better than Glucosamine
In head to head testing Microlactin™
scored 60% better than glucsamine
at improving joint health

MicroLactin™ consists of concentrated micronutrients from cow’s milk.  Scientists discovered that these milk nutrients contain unique antibodies and other potent immune factors that promote healthier joints and muscles.

MicroLactin™ – Tested More Than
Most FDA Approved Drugs!

And Talk About Safe...

The health benefits of MicroLactin™ have been analyzed for three decades in over 8,000 people.  We do not know of another dietary supplement with such extensive documentation of use and effects!

How MicroLactin™ Stops Rogue Inflammatory
Cells From Sneaking Into Joints

MicroLactin™ works by reducing the buildup of excess inflammatory cells called “neutrophils” in joint cavities. 

Microlactin fights inflammation
MicroLactin (milk nutrients) contains unique antibodies
and other potent immune factors that promote healthier
joints and muscles.

Neutrophils are white blood cells that constantly circulate thoughout your veins. When your body senses a threat, neutrophils are released and prevent infection by causing protective inflammation.  So you definitely want to keep them around.

The problem arises when “leaky” veins and arteries allow neutrophils to escape and penetrate joints even though no infection or other threat exists.  This causes pointless chronic inflammation, pain and stiffness. 

MicroLactin™ is proven to "patch" the leaky pipes and stop approximately 75% of “rogue” neutrophils from entering joint space.

You avoid endless pain and suffering and go about your day feeling great!

Microlactin improves joint pain

FREE Bonus Benefits of MicroLactinTM

Comforting your aching joints and muscles alone makes MicroLactin™ worth its weight in gold.  But there’s more– these supercharged milk nutrients also benefit many other areas of your health, including your:

    • Blood Pressure
    • Cholesterol
    • Energy levels
    • Digestion
    • Sleep

MicroLactin™ is 90% lactose free and generally well tolerated by those sensitive to lactose products.  However, if you are allergic to cow’s milk protein (about 1% of the population), we sadly can not recommend you use Alotin HA™.

Taken twice daily, Alotin HA™  provides the same 2,000mg of MicroLactin™ used in the studies that yielded all these incredible benefits.

Get started today!

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