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TrueAloe™ Capsules
Organic Aloe vera made from both the outer rind and inner gel.
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Supports healthy digestion, heart health and blood sugar control.
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Advanced joint and muscle formula - works in 14 different ways!
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The best fish oil you can find - USP certified pure and potent.
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100% stable and active ubiquinol - the only CoQ10 that should be used over age 40.
Prostate Protector Prostate Protector
Supports prostate health and helps provide relief from BHP difficulties.
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99% pure resveratrol... each capsule contains amount found in 16 bottles of red wine!
trueBerry7 TrueBerry7™
Makes a delicious sugar-free juice bursting with antioxidants from 7 super fruits.
trueGluco SP TrueGlucoSP™
Helps you control blood sugar before it controls you!
truelife PB TrueLife PB™
30 billion beneficial probiotic cells specially packaged to ensure the cells remain alive.
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Struggling to maintain a healthy blood pressure? Then this product is for you!
trueCirc TrueCirc™
Promotes healthy blood circulation throughout your body.

breaking news
Compound Found in Olive Oil May Destroy Cancer Cells, Leave Healthy Cells Alone

Previous studies have found that consuming olive oil is associated with a lower risk of cancer. A recent study suggests that a phenolic compound called oleocanthal, which is found in olive oil, may be able to selectively kill cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

For this study, the researchers tested the effect of oleocanthal on healthy and cancerous cells. They found that the cancerous cells were destroyed within 30 minutes of being exposed to the oleocanthal, while the healthy cells remained intact.

Lysosomes are organelles in the cells that digest food or break down the cell when it dies.  The lysosomes of the cancers cells were destroyed in a process called lysosomal membrane permeabilization, which occurs when the lysosomal content leaks out and results in lysosomal cell death.

The researchers believe that the cancer cells are more metabolically active, eat more, and grow faster than healthy cells, which leads to larger and more fragile lysosomes. When the oleocanthal ruptures the lysosome, the acid and recycling enzymes attack the cells and cause them to go into programmed cell death.

Researchers from Rutgers University conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on January 23, 2015, in Molecular & Cellular Oncology.

Olive oil has been used in folk remedies for years and recent research suggests that it may help reduce the risk of colon cancer and lower cholesterol. If you want to add more olive oil to your diet, it can be as simple as eating a spoonful daily. If eating olive oil by the spoonful doesn’t appeal to you, consider substituting olive oil for butter in your daily diet by using it for cooking, putting it on bread, or using it as a salad dressing.

Enhanced Broccoli May Lower Cholesterol Even More Than Regular Broccoli

Two recent studies suggest that a functional form of broccoli with a high glucoraphanin content may lower cholesterol in people with a mild to moderate risk of cardiovascular disease. Glucoraphanin is the compound in broccoli that transforms into the bioactive compound sulphoraphane in the body and changes fat synthesis signal pathways away from the production of LDL or “bad” cholesterol in the mitochondria of our cells.

Participants in the first study included 37 people between the ages of 50 and 76 who were given either 400 g of standard broccoli or 400 g of high glucoraphanin broccoli weekly for 12 weeks. The broccoli was frozen and steamed for five minutes. The enhanced broccoli contained 21.6 micromoles per gram of glucoraphanin while the standard broccoli had 6.9 micromoles per gram.

The researchers measured blood pressure and plasma lipids at the beginning and end of the study and found a 7.1% reduction in LDL cholesterol in the enhanced broccoli when compared with only 1.8% in the regular broccoli.

For the second part of the study, 93 participants of the same age range were given the same interventions. At the end of the study, their LDL cholesterol was reduced by 5.1% in the enhanced broccoli group and 2.5% in the normal broccoli group.

Researchers from the Institute of Food Research in the UK conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on April 7, 2015, in the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research.

Previous studies suggest that eating more broccoli may protect men from prostate cancer. Broccoli is also high in B vitamins, which studies show have anti-cancer properties, support the immune system and lower homocysteine (an amino acid related to high risk of heart disease and stroke).

In order to get the most health benefits from broccoli, you should consider eating it raw, although steamed broccoli also contains many of the nutrients. You can also include broccoli in salads or try a vegetable juice drink, many of which contain raw broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables.

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