Aloecran for your Good Health!

Dear Friend,

The woman you see pictured here – with her adorable pooches! – is an ecstatic client of ours named Karen.

You see, Karen has been a dog groomer for over 22 years in Toledo, Ohio. 

And the constant standing, and lifting of dogs in all shapes and sizes, has really taken its toll on her back over time.

In the last few years the pain became so bad that she actually considered giving up the job she loves.

But she kept going because she needed the work…and it sure isn’t easy to find a new job in this lousy economy.

So Karen started trying a bevy of different natural products…probably many of the same ones you’ve tried too…and nothing made the pain go away.

Then one day she got lucky…and made a decision that has literally changed her life…and got rid of her back pain.

In her mailbox was a brochure from a company she never heard of called NatureCity®. 

It contained a message from the president of the company, a guy named Carl Pradelli – whom she also never heard of (that’s me by the way!).

However, what Karen read made so much sense. 

“Something finally worked.”

“My husband continuously complained of pain in his back and pelvis area. I bought him Alotin HA and was amazed when he stopped complaining. Something finally worked.

Now he walks every day without the constant pain. He says he feels his pain has decreased 80% taking Alotin HA and he never felt like his pain decreased with any other pills he tried.

I don’t hear the complaints like before so we both win with this product.”
– Galen & Peggy W., North Port, FL

“A Godsend and I don’t want to be without it.”

“I had a hip replacement 3 years ago. I tried several products and nothing helped. With swollen feet and pain in my legs, I needed to use my cane all the time.

Since I discovered Alotin HA, I walk without my cane and sleep through the night pain free. Alotin HA is a Godsend and I don’t want to be without it.”
– Muriel C., East Hartford, CT

Individual results may vary.

Instead of taking blind stabs in the dark, this product was designed to target all of the root causes of joint discomfort...and it contained the exact same ingredients used in clinical studies…not cheap knockoffs. 

More important, Karen didn’t just read, she took action!  She called our office in Boca Raton, FL and ordered this product, which is named Alotin HA™. 

And boy, has she ever been rewarded for that decision!

In her own words she says “now my lower back feels great! No matter how much heavy lifting of the dogs I do, my back doesn’t hurt.  Even after standing all day!”

Karen did make one mistake…she let her supply of Alotin HA™ run out and the back pain soon returned. 

The good news is once she started taking Alotin HA™ again, she stopped hurting. 

You can be sure that Karen won’t make this mistake again!

This is Karen’s story, but it’s just one of many Alotin HA™ success stories.  We hear them every day.

I chose Karen’s story to share with you in part because I’m a sucker for dogs – and love pets in general. 

But it also perfectly sums up the steps pain sufferers go through to get relief.  It’s like a movie…

Scene #1: You suffer from pain that limits movement and frustrates you to no end – and it keeps getting worse.

Scene #2: You try many products, getting your hopes up each time, but you always end up disappointed.

Scene #3: You visit multiple doctors, spend countless hours in waiting rooms, and still get no lasting help. 

You start to think you’re never going to feel better again.

“Thanks to my owner and Alotin HA, I avoided 2 Knee Surgeries… And I Feel GREAT!

“Earlier, I mentioned our family has two Boston Terriers, who we just adore.
The older guy, Sirius is now approaching 9 years old.  And since he was a puppy, he’s been as active as dogs come. Sirius is always ready to play ball, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(His younger brother Milo is more of a “lounger” (and a chewer), his idea of playing ball is to steal it to annoy Sirius)
Two years ago, Sirius started limping badly on his back legs.  He still liked to play, but was struggling mightily.  And he couldn’t jump on the bed anymore…which really frustrated him.
So we took Sirius to the veterinarian for X-rays.  The vet said not only was one knee damaged…he had problems with both back knees.
We were referred to a knee specialist (who knew they had such a thing for dogs?).
The specialist recommended having not one, but two knee surgeries.  And post-surgery, there would be an intensive rehab.  All of this wouldn’t be cheap, costing somewhere around $7,000.
You should know I would do almost anything to help my dogs feel better…but this was a pretty big undertaking, with no guarantee of success.
Fortunately, we left the doctor office without committing to surgery.  Instead, we went back to basics…diet, exercise and supplements.
Sirius lost 3 pounds (10% of his weight), swims every morning in the pool and has been taking one Alotin HA capsule each day for the last two years.
Within a month or two Siruis was pretty much back to normal! He’s as active as ever... you would never know he had a knee problem.
It again illustrates how a quality supplement like Alotin HA™ along with a good diet and exercise, can work miracles in your life. 
It sure worked for Sirius and he couldn’t be happier!

Scene #4: You stumble upon Alotin HA™, give it a try and the pain starts to go away!

Scene #5: You stop taking Alotin HA™ and the pain returns.

Scene #6: You call NatureCity® desperate to get more Alotin HA™ right away!

Scene #7: And the happy ending: With Alotin HA™, pain no longer controls your life, and you go back to living!

If you’re tired of being held hostage by pain, and would like true and lasting relief from sore joints and muscles… then I ask a small favor. 

Please take a few minutes and read about Alotin HA™. Like Karen, you’ll discover why we believe it is the best joint supplement you’re going to find.

Better yet, you can start imagining all the things you’ll be able to do with relief from joint pain…

…from the basic stuff like walking up stairs briskly or sleeping better, to being more active, playing with children or grandchildren, or getting back into your favorite hobbies. 

Aloecran Juice

That’s living and I’m going to show you all the evidence that proves Alotin HA™ can make it your reality.

But, frankly, that isn’t enough. 

Sure, you’ll clearly see the major improvements folks made by using the carefully selected ingredients in Alotin HA™.

But ultimately you only care about one clinical study – and that’s your own personal experience.  A study of one – you.

Let’s face it, the only question that really matters to you is…did Alotin HA™ work for me?

That’s why when you try Alotin HA™, I give you a one year, 365 day, full money back guarantee.

I feel this is the right thing to do because as good as Alotin HA™ is, nothing works for everybody. 

Chances are it will work great for you…about 90% of our clients say it worked for them, but if you don’t feel Alotin HA™ has helped you, it’s not fair for us to keep your money…and you’ll get it all back.

This one year guarantee gives you plenty of time to put Alotin HA™ to a true test and judge it for yourself. 

And if you’re not satisfied with your results, just return it for a full refund, any time over the next 365 days. 

It’s that simple, you truly have nothing to lose…other than awful pain!

Alotin HA™ is the Real Deal and so am I!

You get some crazy booklets in the mail, making some crazy promises about ending your joint pain.

“No more pain and no more cane!”

“The pain in my hip was so bad that it caused me to limp and use a cane to get around. My husband talked me into trying Alotin HA since everything else I had tried did not work. No more pain and no more cane!

I will never stop taking Alotin HA. Thank you so very much for your products.”
– Peggy & Steve L. Kannapolis, NC

“I tried the others, only Alotin HA worked for me!”

“I’ve had knee problems for many years. I first tried vitamin E, then glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, but they only helped a little.

Then I ordered Alotin HA, and I tell you in just a month I had no more swollen knees and no more pain.

I’m reordering now to make sure I don’t run out!”
– William M. Fairfax, MN

I know because I see the same advertisements.  Here’s one that really made me laugh…

“This product will put an End to Arthritis”

I mean really? Does someone actually believe that’s possible?

I prefer to treat you with a little more respect… everything you read about Alotin HA™ is not only possible… it’s very real.

And you should also know…I’m actually the guy writing this brochure! 

Most of the advertisements you get are written by hired guns…not the person actually signing it. 

Maybe that explains the crazy claims.

But every single word in this Alotin HA™ brochure is being typed (slowly) by yours truly,
Carl Pradelli.

So please forgive me if I’m not as entertaining as those professional writers…I just want you to have the facts so you can finally get rid of those annoying aches and pains.

And I apologize if you come across a typo or two…my editors are two Boston Terriers – Sirius and Milo–  who are patiently waiting for work to end and play time to begin.

In a bit you’ll read about Sirius’s remarkable Alotin HA™ story – and how he avoided not one, but two knee surgeries!  And saved his owner (me!) a bundle of money too!

It’s all very REAL.

Click here to try Alotin HA™ Risk Free!

Alotin HA™ Targets 15 Causes
of Pain All at Once

Alotin HA™ is not some product that was thrown together and created yesterday.

The fact is Alotin HA™ is in its fourth generation…continually improved over the last 10 years to incorporate the latest and greatest joint health advances.

And you have my word…I will never stop working to make it better…for both of our sakes… because I depend on this product too!

Instead of targeting just one or two sources of pain causing inflammation, Alotin HA™ targets all of the major offenders at the same time.

In fact, this advanced formula fights the root causes of joint discomfort in a previously unheard of 15 different ways!

I’ll tell you what not having all of this protection is like…

It’s like spending a lot of time working on a complicated puzzle…and as you near the end, you realize you’re missing a bunch of pieces.

Not only are you disappointed, you feel like you wasted a lot of time.
With Alotin HA™, you get all the pieces to the joint health puzzle. We know you don’t have time to waste!

Here are the three other things clients love about this product…

1) It works FAST – you don’t want to wait six months to figure out if a joint supplement is helping you.  At least four of the key ingredients in Alotin HA™ have been shown to start working in the FIRST WEEK!

“Finally no more prednisone…”

“I am very excited about your product Alotin HA. In August of 2002 I had a muscle problem. I had severe pain in my arms and legs. I could not get my hands behind my back to put my belt through the loops. After a couple of months of testing I was finally diagnosed.

The doctors treated it with prednisone and started with 10mg and reduced the dose gradually until I was off the medication. Six to seven months later the pain would come back and I would have to start the prednisone again. This went on from 2002 until about January 2009 when I started taking Alotin HA every day.

I am glad to say I have not had any prednisone since February 2009 and this has been a great 14 months. I praise the Lord and NatureCity for Alotin HA. You have my permission to tell everyone what Alotin HA did for me. Thank you!
– Donald B., Hobart, IN

“I would fight you for
Alotin HA!”

“I was having a lot of trouble with my right hip, when I would get up in the morning it hurt so bad I could hardly walk. So I decided to try Alotin HA. Boy did that ever work. I would fight you for that wonderful product.

I’m so forgetful I let it run out and the hip began to bother me again. Thank goodness the new order arrived and it only took about 4 days until I was on the mend again.

I love the picture of your people you send with each order. They all look like a happy bunch of employees. No wonder, they have those wonderful products close at hand.

I give a lot of people one of your books telling them about your products. I hope they have ordered and tried some of them. If they haven’t that’s their hard luck.
– Marjorie B., Sanford, NC
P.S. Thank you for your prompt service.”

2) Cuts Down on the Need for Harmful Drugstore pain relievers – not only do these drugs tear your stomach to shreds, they cause other problems which lead to over 100,000 hospitalizations annually. 

You’ll see how ingredients in Alotin HA™ have been shown to dramatically reduce the need for drugstore pain relievers…such as acetaminophen, naprosyn and ibuprofen.

3) Contains 7 Proven Ingredients – Each key ingredient has been shown to reduce pain by 36% to 55% on their own.  Together they can really work wonders. 

Even if your body doesn’t respond to one or two Alotin HA™ ingredients, you’ll still get big benefits from the others!

In addition, it’s also important you know that the ingredients in Alotin HA™ have not been shown to cause unwanted side effects.

Just the opposite, Alotin HA™ can provide you with 20 bonus health benefits!

And I want to emphasize that the same ingredients used in these studies are actually in Alotin HA™.

I can’t remember how many times ingredient salesmen have tried to get me to switch to their cheap substitutes that go by the same name.   They say “I can save you a lot of money” and I reply “you’ll just cost me clients.”

Imagine how outraged you’d be if you went to the market and the butcher showed you a great cut of fresh meat…and then while you weren’t looking…he put an older, cheaper cut of meat in your package.

Sadly, this happens with the many supplements you see for sale…and then you’re left wondering why the product isn’t working.

I won’t ever do a “bait and switch” with you.  Alotin HA™ only contains the best of the best, top-shelf ingredients….and always will.

What’s more, for your convenience, they are all combined into easy-to-swallow capsules.

Here’s the first of the 7 key ingredients in Alotin HA™…

Piece #1: ParActin

A key to how Alotin HA™ works is helping you control chemicals and enzymes that cause your body to “overreact” and cause inflammation…which you feel as pain.

It’s like a traffic signal that malfunctions and shows green when it should be red…next thing you know all kinds of chaos and damage follows.

Unfortunately, these signal malfunctions happen more frequently as your body ages, and that’s why you need to control them to avoid unnecessary pain.

ParActin®: Bitter Herb
Gives You Better Joints!

The 200mg daily dose of ParActin® you get in Alotin HA™ has been shown to help improve joint health – in one study reducing pain by over 50%.

What’s more, in another study ParActin® reduced the need of NSAID pain relief medicine by an astonishing 90%!

And another study showed how ParActin® helped normalize inflammation in the body, as measured by C-reactive protein (CRP).

Best of all, it goes to work fast…starting to make a difference the first day. That’s why it earned the nickname “fast actin’ ParActin.”

And that’s just the start! You get much more with Alotin HA™.

The first signal you need to control is something called NF-KappaB (please don’t worry about memorizing these names).

And scientists were surprised and delighted to discover that a plant widely used in southern Asia helps control NF-KappaB.

The plant has a strange name…andrographis paniculata.  For our purposes, the more important name is ParActin®.

ParActin® is a patented extract of the andrographis paniculata plant that scientists in Chile found has a remarkable effect on joint pain.

This has been proven in two interesting clinical studies conducted by researchers from the Universidad Austral de Chile.

As you may know, when you are testing an ingredient for people with severe joint pain, you have to offer participants the option of reaching for a “rescue medication” if they are in too much pain.

This is especially true when a non-medicinal placebo is involved…it would be cruel to have people suffer.

In the first study, 60 patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis were given either ParActin® or a placebo to take daily for 14 weeks. 

The participants were given acetaminophen or other NSAIDs to take if they needed a rescue medication.

Remarkably, during the 14 weeks, those taking ParActin® needed the rescue medication only 5% of the time. 

On the other hand, those taking the placebo needed to take NSAIDs 55% of the time.

So ParActin® effectively reduced the need for NSAIDs by 90% in this study!

The benefits of ParActin® were verified by blood work too.  Those taking ParActin® reduced C-reactive protein (CRP) levels by a whopping 60%. 

This is important because CRP is a measure of inflammation in your body…and ParActin® caused it to drop like a rock!

As exciting, the energy levels of ParActin® users increased significantly as they were liberated from pain...a great result all around!

To confirm these benefits, a second study was conducted…this time ParActin® was tested head-to-head versus NSAIDs.

Aloecran Juice

After two weeks, the NSAIDs had provided no benefit other than temporarily pain relief.

In contrast, ParActin® users experienced a 50% pain reduction. 

Plus, they were able to move better with less stiffness.

Another delightful discovery was that ParActin® helped with minor aches and pains the very first day. 

The researchers knew it started to work fast, but not that fast!

So with the ParActin® in Alotin HA™ effectively controlling NF-KappaB, we can move to the next pain culprit….

Piece #2: 5-Loxin

You may be aware of a pain causing enzyme called COX-2, but it has an equally destructive cousin called 5-LOX.

I’ll show you how Alotin HA™ deals with COX-2 shortly, but first let’s go over 5-LOX, which is often overlooked by joint product formulators.

The reason both 5-LOX and COX-2 are even a problem is because our diets contain too many omega-6 fatty acids.

Omega-6s are thought to be “healthy” fats, but too much of them feeds the inflammation fire by increasing both 5-LOX and COX-2.

On the other hand, omega-3 fats have an “anti-inflammatory” effect…but in the typical American diet we get eight times more omega-6s than the helpful omega-3s.

Hands down, the best natural way to control 5-LOX is with an extract from the boswellia serrata tree.

Boswellia is also known as frankincense…which you may recall from the bible as one of the gifts of the Magi, or Three Wise Men.

Modern research found that boswellia contains a compound called “AKBA” that helps you keep 5-LOX in check.

In Alotin HA™, you get an ingredient branded 5-LOXIN® because it contains 10 times more AKBA…and it goes to work fast, especially on knee pain.

This was shown in a study by researchers at the University of California, Davis involving people with severe knee pain.

In all, 75 people participated, and received either 5-LOXIN® or a placebo. After 12 weeks, the results were pretty dramatic…

Those taking 5-LOXIN® experienced a 58% reduction in pain, compared to only 20% in those taking the placebo. 

Likewise, 5-LOXIN® users experienced a 56% reduction in stiffness, compared to just 26% in the placebo group.

And the benefits started within 7 days!

Last year, these results were confirmed thousands of miles away from California…at a medical sciences academy in India.

And after 90 days, the results from taking 5-LOXIN® was similar, with users experiencing a 45% reduction in pain…and a 56% reduction in stiffness.

Plus, very few 5-LOXIN® users needed the rescue medication, which was ibuprofen.

As important, in both studies no adverse effects of taking 5-LOXIN® were recorded.

Even better, researchers made another discovery…not only does 5-LOXIN® help control 5-LOX, but it works on three other inflammatory enzymes called MMP-3, VCAM-1 and ICAM-1…a nice extra bonus!

Now on to the best natural COX-2 controlling ingredient…

Walk Better, Sleep Easier!

Studies have shown that within days, Perluxan® can provide significant pain relief while you perform every day activities…like walking, lying in bed at night or sitting during the day. All benefits you want!

For example, you can see in the first chart how in day 2 – just one day after starting Perluxan® – users experienced less pain walking on a flat surface than those on a placebo. And the benefit continued to improve each day.

Similarly, in chart 2, you see the same users experienced significantly less pain while in bed at night compared to the placebo group. Again, this benefit started on day 2 and continued improving during the week.

Use Alotin HA™ as directed to get the same amount of Perluxan® that produced these benefits!

Piece #3: Perluxan

Many drugstore pain relievers, and certain prescription drugs, work by blocking the COX-2 enzyme.

They do this effectively…but create other problems for you.

In the case of the OTC pain relievers, they also block the COX-1 enzyme, which protects your stomach lining.

That’s why extended use of these drugs can shred your stomach and even cause internal bleeding.  Others can cause liver disorders.

And as you may know, the powerful prescription drugs work in a way that can increase heart disease risk.

None of this is good.

That’s why researchers set out to find a natural way to control pain causing COX-2.  Something your body is already programmed to use…not some man-made chemical.

This quest started with 230 botanical ingredients.  Scientists then narrowed the list to 20 candidates…including ingredients like curcumin and resveratrol.

Aloecran Juice

But at the end of the day, one natural ingredient stood head and shoulders above the rest…hops extract!

This led to a special hops extract called Perluxan®…which has become the premier natural ingredient for controlling COX-2 levels.

To demonstrate the potency of Perluxan®, scientists tested it head-to-head against 400mg of ibuprofen.

The results were exactly as hoped!

Perluxan® and ibuferon were equally effective at blocking COX-2.  Perluxan® reduced COX-2  by 56%...while ibuferon came in at a 62% reduction.

But there was one major benefit to Perluxan®...

As desired, the Perluxan® hops extract had almost no effect on stomach protecting COX-1…decreasing it by a mere 15%.  This is exactly what you want.

The effect of ibuprofen on the COX-1 enzyme was downright scary. 

“I wasn’t prepared for the outstanding results!”

“Having tried a number of pain relievers over the years without success, I must admit I was not prepared for the astounding results from taking Alotin HA. I no longer have to use topical ointments for my arthritis and for the first time in years I can do heavy farm work without pain.

Because of the pain, I was contemplating retirement, but now thanks to Alotin HA I have no such desire.”
– John H., Spring City, UT

“After about 2 weeks my pain was gone”

“My hands and knees were killing me because of arthritis.

Then I started taking your new Alotin HA joint and muscle. After about 2 weeks my pain was gone. By now I have elevated my daily walking to jogging without pain. I am very happy and feel healthy.
Thank you NatureCity for a great product that works.”
– Ed A., Atascedero, CA

It reduced protective COX-1 by a crazy 80%! No wonder it causes so many stomach problems.

Armed with this info, researchers next wanted to see if the pain relieving benefits of Perluxan® could help people perform normal everyday activities better.

So they conducted a placebo controlled study in people with an average age of 57…all of whom were suffering with knee pain.

After two weeks, those taking Perluxan® were…walking better…sitting more comfortably…and in less pain while lying in bed.

All things we take for granted…until we’re in pain!

Even more fascinating, was the benefits started to kick-in after one day…and got progressively better over the course of the study.

It’s also important to note that no adverse effects have been shown with Perluxan® use.

And like 5-LOXIN®…it has some bonus benefits that help comfort your joints.

In addition to controlling COX-2, Perluxan® helps you with at least three other inflammatory compounds…giving extra joint health support.

All of this makes Perluxan® a perfect fit for our world class Alotin HA™ product.

Now on to something that may really surprise you…as you get older, your veins and arteries start to leak, causing more pain!

Piece #4: MicroLactin

When I first came across this, I was surprised.  I guess you learn something new every day. 

Let me try to explain…

Your arteries and veins are made of cells held together by a “mesh” of pro­tein strands that create a seal.

Noth­ing can pass through this seal. Everything in your blood must pass through your cells.

But as the years go by, the seal starts to loosen and your arteries and veins begin to leak.

One of the things they leak is white blood cells called neutrophils.

Neutrophils are normally good. They’re first on the scene to battle causing protective inflammation.

And because they, like other sub­stances, must pass through your cells to get to your joints, their use is controlled by your body.

But when the barrier seal loosens…

Leaky arteries allow neutrophils to escape…

...gathering in your joints…

...attacking healthy tissue with inflammation…

…and causing pain and stiffness.

And that’s bad.

Fortunately for Alotin HA users, we found a natural ingredient that helps patch your “leaks.”

It’s a special milk protein called MicroLactin®.

Medical “Miracles” Tend To HappenWhen You Give Your Body All It Needs...

“My surgery is cancelled! Doctor pleased with my ‘unusual’ improvement!"

“I hope anyone suffering with pain will read my story. About 20 years ago, I wrenched and strained my right shoulder from lifting equipment at work.

Over the years, the effects of my injury and regular aging caused the constant pain to increase. I was in pain 7 days a week, for 24 hours a day. Plus, I only had limited use of my arm and shoulder.

I took pain medication daily and also used natural supplements like glucosamine, MSM and Celadrin. But they weren’t helping me.

I tried physical therapy and then had arthroscopic surgery to clean spurs on the joint. Still I could not lift my hand over my head and the pain remained.

A few months ago, I had an MRI and CAT scan which led the doctors to recommend a total shoulder replacement surgery. So I scheduled the surgery.

Thank God I Listened to My Wife!

At the same time, my wife purchased Alotin HA from NatureCity. I started taking four pills a day faithfully. I woke up on the beginning of the third week and realized that my arm was not hurting at all!

I got excited and raised my hand and my whole arm went up above my head without pain. I could hardly believe it! I was waving my hand above my head at my wife. We were both very excited.

So I continued taking Alotin HA and cancelled my surgery appointment. Even my surgeon was even pleased at my “unusual” improvement!

I am thankful to God for leading me to Alotin HA. And I am thankful to NatureCity for formulating such a great product.

I’m sharing these results with all my family and friends. I recommend everyone in pain try Alotin HA. Thank you!”
— Ralph E. Avon Park, FL

MicroLactin® isn’t any old milk protein.  It’s made from New Zealand cows using a proprietary filtration process. 

New Zealand is the best place to make MicroLactin® because it has the best dairy standards in the world – and produces the healthiest milk.

The result is a super concentrated MicroLactin® powder bursting with milk micronutrients.

Plus, it’s 90% lactose free – so MicroLactin® shouldn’t cause a problem if you’re sensitive to lactose products.

MicroLactin® has a laundry list of health benefits…but today the focus is on joint health.

MicroLactin®’s effect on leaking neutrophils was analyzed in a clinical study in New Zealand by the Department of Medicine at the University of Auckland.

It showed that MicroLactin® stops up to 75% of neutrophils from leaking into joint space by mistake.

Aloecran Juice

And when MicroLactin® begins plugging leaks, pain starts to vanish.

This was confirmed in a 6 week randomized, double blind study conducted with participants who suffered from osteoarthritis.

MicroLactin® was tested against glucosamine and a pla­cebo. This study was published in the journal Current Therapeutic Research.

And the results were pretty impressive, finding that…

MicroLactin® is 90% effective. 9 out of 10 users significantly improved joint health…with no side effects.

MicroLactin® works FAST. There was a significant improvement in pain after just 2 weeks.

MicroLactin® improves mobility FAST. Again, participants felt the difference in as fast as 2 weeks.

MicroLactin® works 60% BETTER than glucosamine in reducing pain and stiffness!

Alotin HA™ contains 2,000mg of MicroLactin® — the same amount clinically proven to patch leaky veins and arteries, ease joint pain, improve mobility and work FAST!

Piece #5: Hyal-Joint

Now for the ingredient that puts the hyaluronic acid or “HA” in Alotin HA™!

Even better, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s actually much more than just hyaluronic acid. 

It’s called Hyal-Joint® and it’s a combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen and nutrients called polysaccharides.

Together these ingredients give you a supercharged HA ingredient!

In fact, Hyal-Joint® is 2 to 4 times more active in nourishing synovial fluid than regular hyaluronic acid.

In case you don’t know, synovial fluid acts as a cushion and shock absorber in your joints, so you can support weight with­out scraping bone on bone.

You can think of it as your joint lubricant.

Hyaluronic acid is important because it provides needed viscosity to the synovial fluid.

Without enough HA, synovial fluid that is “too thin” can actually cause joint pain instead of protecting you from it.

And over time lead to even more painful structural damage.

The problem is as you get older HA starts to disappear – by as much as 75% – and you may hear more creaking or grinding.  This joint irritation leads directly to more stiffness and pain.

When I was doing the research on Hyal-Joint®, I realized I had something known as “movie-goers knee.”

The name sounds funny, but it’s a real condition that happens when synovial fluid is too thin.

It occurs when sitting with the knee bent at a sharp angle for a prolonged period of time without movement, such as during a two-hour movie or a long car ride.

“I wish I had this product 7 years ago!”

“Back in 2003, I had spinal surgery fusion. During the operation nerves were severed leaving me disabled for life. I tried every pain medication on the market – six prescription medications and dozens of over the counter medications as well. After 7 years I still had excruciating pain, side effects and stomach problems.

I tried NatureCity’s Alotin HA and within 2 to 3 weeks I was getting up and walking without the excruciating pain– without the side effects I had with medication.

It has definitely done wonders in reliving pain and boosting my flexibility and mobility. I will never be without Alotin HA again.”
– Louis S., Daleville, VA

“It has definitely done wonders to boost my flexibility and mobility.”

“I am a personal trainer and a dental hygienist. I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and fibromyalgia ten years ago. Over the years I have tried many products to help me relieve stiffness and pain.

Alotin HA is the first product to alleviate both stiffness and pain and help stop the chronic inflammation. It has definitely done wonders to boost my flexibility and mobility. I have a very active lifestyle. This product helps me keep active and pain free!”
– Patricia M., Ballston Spa, NY

Individual results may vary.

After you’ve been in the same position for awhile, a sudden, sharp, stabbing pain can occur in the knee.

The pain usually goes away after walking a few steps as the remaining synovial fluid in the knee coats the surfaces of the cartilage. 

But over time this takes its toll on your knee health.

I can honestly say that my “movie-goers knee” problem disappeared once we added Hyal-Joint® to Alotin HA™ earlier this year.

And that’s not surprising because recent clinical studies have shown that the Hyal-Joint® complex is “best in breed” when it comes to increasing HA – and the quality of synovial fluid – in your body.

One study that showed the benefits of Hyal-Joint® involved 71 people with osteoarthritis of the knee.

These folks were separated into two groups – 36 were given Hyal-Joint® to take daily and the others were given acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol®).

After just one month, 85% of those taking Hyal-Joint® had seen their “synovitis” – the medical name for inflammation caused by poor quality synovial fluid – disappear, compared to only 20% of those taking acetaminophen.

And after six months, 100% of those taking Hyal-Joint® no longer suffered with this inflammation – compared to only 42% of those taking acetaminophen.

What’s more, as you would expect, those taking Hyal-Joint® were in significantly less pain. 

Best of all, Hyal-Joint® was shown to be completely safe!

A second study with Hyal-Joint® validated these impressive results.

In this study, also in people with severe knee pain, those taking Hyal-Joint® experienced a 36% reduction in pain after just two months.

Even better, Hyal-Joint® was shown to improve several aspects of quality of life such as being able to socialize more.  Like I said earlier, that’s living!

Aloecran Juice

No other oral HA ingredient is proven to give you these remarkable results.  And that’s why Hyal-Joint® is in Alotin HA™.

Piece #6: Bromelain

This next ingredient has two major functions in Alotin HA™…

One, it helps control the production of chemicals called prostanoids that cause swelling and pain.

Two, it helps break down fibrin, a protein that can impede blood circulation and cause blood clotting, which contributes to chronic pain.

This ingredient is actually a collection of enzymes called bromelain.

Bromelain is found in pineapples…but not much is in the actual fruit, it’s concentrated in pineapple stumps.

If you’re like me, you don’t eat many pineapple stumps!

But bromelain is very helpful as a supplement… which has been shown in clinical research over in Europe.

In particular bromelain has been shown to be as, or more, effective than a NSAID in relieving knee and hip pain.

One study from Germany in people with severe knee pain, showed that bromelain reduced pain by 41% when at rest...whereas as those taking the NSAID improved only 23%.

Further research in the United Kingdom showed that taking an increased amount of bromelain may help even more.

In this study of people with mild knee pain, those taking 200mg of bromelain experienced a pain reduction of 41%.

Better yet, those taking 400mg of bromelain had a pain reduction of 59%.

For reference, the typical daily serving of Alotin HA™ provides 500mg of bromelain.

One cautionary note…it’s possible that bromelain could increase the effects of blood thinning drugs.  If you are taking one of these drugs, please consult your doctor before taking bromelain or Alotin HA™.

And now, last but not least, are the pain relieving benefits of the sunshine vitamin…

Piece #7: Vitamin D3

As an educated health consumer, you’re likely well aware of the importance of supplementing with vitamin D…and in particular vitamin D3.

The benefits of vitamin D could fill a book, but researchers at King’s College in London summed it up best…

…people with higher levels of vitamin D age more slowly than people with low levels of vitamin D.

One of the recent vitamin D discoveries is how important it is for avoiding chronic pain.

In fact, researchers at the Mayo Clinic linked lower vitamin D levels to greater incidence of chronic pain.

Separately, Boston University scientists confirmed this finding, saying “low levels of vitamin D were associated with higher levels of pain and disability.”

So how does vitamin D reduce pain?

Vitamin D promotes the production of an anti-inflammatory substance known as Interleukin-10, or “IL-10.”

In fact, a study in Germany found that vitamin D supplements increased the beneficial IL-10 compound by 43%.

And let’s not forget that vitamin D also helps build better bones and cartilage…which also help keep your joints healthy.

This next study was really interesting…all 360 patients with back pain were found to be deficient in vitamin D.  All 360 of them!

And guess what happened after they took vitamin D supplements for three months?  About 95% of these individuals improved, and were suffering less back pain.

The key is to use vitamin D3…which is exactly what you get in Alotin HA™.

Vitamin D3 is much better at raising vitamin D levels in your body than the alternative…which is vitamin D2.

Creighton University researchers have shown that vitamin D3 is about 240% stronger than the cheaper vitamin D2.

And as you’ve now seen, you only get the “best of the best” in Alotin HA™!

Click here to try Alotin HA™ Risk Free!

Who Else Gives You this Much in One Bottle?

I hope you now see why clients like Karen couldn’t wait to get Alotin HA™ into their homes.

It covers the bases like no other joint product…and that’s why 90% or our clients get relief.

I’ll be frank…many other companies would have stopped after ingredient #3 and charged you $59.99 or more a bottle.

And that would have been a very respectable offer, much better than most products you see for sale. Still others might give you all seven ingredients…but not give you the studied dosage amounts of these ingredients….so it won’t work as well. Very tricky…you have to be careful.

In Alotin HA™, my goal was to create the best joint product around…without cutting any corners. 

And that’s what we’ve done.

You get all 7 of the incredible natural ingredients you just read about…you get the exact same branded ingredients used in the studies…and you certainly get the dose used in the studies.

In other words….

You Get All the Pieces to the Pain Relief Puzzle!

So you’re probably wondering, how much does Alotin HA™ cost?

I know that would be my next question!

The answer is…it depends. 

As you would expect, you get a better deal for buying multiple bottles…and since you have a full one year, 365 day money back guarantee, I highly recommend loading up as much as you can.

If you choose just one bottle, the price is $49.97.

Sometimes folks will say, “gee I’m used to paying $29.99 or $39.99 for other products.”

You have to realize those other products have a fraction of what you get in one bottle of Alotin HA™.

And if your goal is true and lasting pain relief…it will be the best bargain you’ll find.

I actually did the math…if you were to go buy all seven of these ingredients separately…with the right dosages…it would cost around $85.00.

Not to mention the hassle of having to take seven different products every day!

Better yet, with our Best Value deal, you save a whole lot more!

Save an Additional $10.40 on
Each Bottle of Alotin HA™

Another reason why I don’t like to recommend buying just one bottle of Alotin HA™, is because your first bottle will last you only 2 weeks….if used as directed.

“90% Less Pain and I can finally sleep at night!”

“As an 88 year old man, I feel God has blessed me with exceptional health. However, I’ve been suffering from joint pain in my shoulder, neck and arms for some time.

I started taking Alotin HA for about one year now. I feel my pain is now 90% less and I can sleep all night with comfort. Thank you NatureCity!”
– LeRoy K., Shabbona, IL

“I was afraid I needed surgery...”

“I can’t recall the names of all the pills, salves and ointments I have tried to no avail. My back really hurt, especially when working in the garden.

Then about 6 months ago, my shoulder really started to hurt. I could hardly get dressed; my husband had to help me. I was afraid I needed surgery like some of my friends had, but then I tried Alotin HA and in a few weeks my pain was gone.

I also love to sew and knit and now I am able to do that again too. Thank you!”
– Judy K. Carson City MO

After that, each bottle of Alotin HA™ will last a full month.

Here’s why…

The first two weeks are what is called a “loading phase.” 

And to conform to the research studies, you should double up and take 4 servings a day - instead of the normal 2 servings.

Again, this is for the first 14 days only.

This will give you the fastest and best results.

After two weeks, you enter the normal “maintenance phase” and each bottle will last you a full month.

So do you see why getting only one bottle is not a good idea?

Aloecran Juice

In addition to paying more, you’ll be out of Alotin HA™ in 2 weeks.  And as you’ve seen with Karen and others, when you stop taking Alotin HA™, the benefits also stop. 

You don’t want any interruptions… especially early on.

That’s why at a minimum, it’s wise to choose our 3 bottle Good Value deal, which will save you some money per bottle…and these bottles will last you 2 ½ months.

However…it’s a much better idea to just get the 6 bottle Best Value deal and maximize your savings.

With the Best Value, your per bottle price is only $39.57…that’s an extra $10.40 savings on all six bottles.

And again, you have a full 365 days to return it for a full refund of your money if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

Even better, NatureCity® Club Members save another 25%...

NatureCity Club Members Pay as Little as $29.68 a bottle!

If you’re a NatureCity® Club Member, with the Alotin HA™ Best Value deal you pay an incredibly low price of just $29.68 a bottle…and you get FREE Shipping, saving another $6.95!  You can’t beat that!

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membership fee, for the next year you’ll get an extra 25% off every order and never pay shipping and handling…a $6.95 savings each time you order.  

And your savings start with today’s order…in fact with the Best Value deal, the membership pays for itself today…because you’ll save an extra $66.32 on your Alotin HA™ order. 

It’s definitely the way to go!

And I’ll throw in a FREE bonus gift too!

FREE Gift: TrueOmega-3™.

TrueOmega-3™ is made with certified pure, high potency fish oil (DHA and EPA).

How does this benefit you?

1. Certified pure and potent. TrueOmega-3™ is made with the FIRST and ONLY fish oil certified both pure and potent by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP).

2. Reduce pain and morning stiffness. 17 different pain studies found that omega-3s reduced participants’ pain and morning stiffness…and they were able to reduce use of dangerous anti-inflammatory and pain medications.

3. Lower your risk of sudden death. Studies show that 850mg of DHA and EPA omega-3s a day can lower your risk of death by 21%, cardiac death by 35% and sudden death by 45%. Each TrueOmega-3™ serving delivers a combined 818mg of EPA and DHA. This plus the EPA and DHA you get from food give you maximum heart protection.

4. Boost brain and cognitive health. Research has shown that omega-3s may help boost brain function and protect it from age-related damage.

TrueOmega-3™ is FREE when you order the money saving “Good Value” or “Best Value” deals today!

Now It’s Up To You…

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read about Alotin HA™.

“It is wonderful to be pain free – we both feel years younger!”

“For quite a few years, we have been dealing with joint pain – me with shoulder pain resulting from an accident (could not lift my arm above shoulder level and pain that woke me up at night), and my husband with pain from an ankle he broke years ago.

We tried everything with no noticeable improvement. Then we got a mailer from NatureCity and we gave it a shot. We ordered Alotin HA and we could not believe the improvement and relief it gave us.

Within 3-4 weeks, I had full range of my arm and no pain what-so-ever at night. Within approximately the same amount of time, I noticed that my husband stopped limping and complaining about his ankle pain. This was unbelievable - after all the years of trying so many other products unsuccessfully. It is wonderful to be pain free – we both feel years younger!

We are trying your other products, also, with much satisfaction.
We thank you for good products that work!!!”
– Nichola A., West Bend, WI

Individual results may vary.

I hope now you understand why NatureCity® clients and I are so passionate about telling the world about Alotin HA™.

It’s because it works.

And if you want to revitalize your body, and awaken it from pain induced slumber…now is the time to act.

You’ve read many stories of how Alotin HA™ has improved the lives of real people like you.

You’ve read about all the wonderful research that shows how and why these ingredients work to improve your joint health.

You’ve read how to get the very best deal on Alotin HA™… and that I guarantee you’ll get every cent back if it doesn’t help you.

I’m not sure I can do much more…now it’s up to you to take action and experience the power of Alotin HA™ yourself!

The fastest way to get started is to order now

Once we have your order, our order fulfillment team will rush your package out within 24 hours.

And before you know it, you’ll be able to start experiencing the wonderful benefits of Alotin HA™!

I just know you’ll be delighted.  Don’t wait… please order now

On behalf of all of us at NatureCity®, thank you!
Yours for good health,

Carl Pradelli
President & CEO

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