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Dear Friend,

If you’re taking a calcium supplement… there’s a 90% chance the calcium is made from rocks.

Do you eat rocks?

Of course not…and that’s the problem with traditional calcium supplements.

Since rocks aren’t a whole food source, your body isn’t used to digesting and using the calcium found in nearly all supplements.

That’s why traditional calcium supplements don’t increase bone density.  At best, they slow down your rate of bone loss.

What’s more, researchers believe that rock calcium is more likely to end up in your arteries and kidneys (a bad thing) than the calcium from whole food sources, such as dairy and plants.

By 2020… 50% of Americans will have “weak bones” and 50% will have strong bones…
Which group will you be in?

     Weak bones increase your risk of
bone fractures. According to the U.S. Surgeon General…

checkmark A broken hip makes you 4 times more likely to die in 3 months

checkmark 1-in-5 people with a hip fracture end
up in a nursing home within 1 year.

checkmark Many more become isolated, fearful and depressed – because of their fear of falling.

Discover why TrueOsteo™ is the best supplement to help you grow strong bone!

This means traditional calcium supplements may increase your risk of heart attack or kidney stones.

The good news is you now have a choice! 

Our advanced TrueOsteo™ formula features a plant calcium powder that is proven in two human studies to actually increase bone density…not just slow bone loss.

This plant calcium powder is the only calcium that is certified USDA organic.  It is made from living algae that are hand-harvested on remote beaches in South America, and then milled into powder.

Since it is made from a plant – a whole food source – your body can digest and absorb it better.  In fact, one study showed it gets absorbed better than calcium from yogurt!

Plus, your stomach can tolerate this plant powder better.

This was demonstrated in a recent clinical study…about 30% of participants taking calcium carbonate (rock calcium) supplements couldn’t tolerate them…it upset their stomach and they wanted to quit.

But instead of quitting, they switched products…and started taking the plant calcium we use in TrueOsteo™ instead.

And almost every single person was able to continue in the study and get the bone building benefits of plant calcium… which was also combined with vitamin D3.

This is all good… but it gets better. Like other whole foods, you get more than just calcium from the algae.

You get at least 13 other bone supporting minerals - like magnesium and strontium - that are naturally found in the algae.

This is a key reason why this plant calcium works so much better than rock calcium…because you need more nutrients than just calcium to build healthy bones.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But that’s just the start.  The truth is your goal isn’t just to maintain or build bone density.

You want your bones to be strong too… else you’re still very vulnerable to a devastating bone fracture.

That’s why you get much more than plant calcium and vitamin D3 in TrueOsteo™.

“Dead” Rock Calcium vs.
“Live” Plant Calcium…

     Under an Electron Microscope the differences between inorganic rock calcium carbonate and biological plant sourced calcium are apparent.  Note the porous, rounded shape of plant calcium compared to the angular crystalline structure of rock calcium carbonate.

The extensive porosity of plant-sourced minerals dramatically increases the ability of your body to absorb and use these nutrients.
calcium-rock vs. plant

This advanced formula was designed to maximize both bone density and bone strength…while protecting your arteries and heart too.

Here’s a quick checklist of the five things you should demand in any bone health supplement…

1) The calcium should come from a plant…not rocks. If you look at rock calcium under a microscope, it looks nothing like whole food sources of calcium.

Rock calcium is very dense, making it hard for your body to absorb and use. On the other hand, a close-up of plant sourced calcium reveals it has a porous structure similar to dairy calcium. And like dairy calcium, plant calcium is easy for your stomach to dissolve…so it can be available to build bone.

2) Contains no more than 800mg of calcium a day. With calcium, you definitely can get too much of a good thing. Calcium that doesn’t get made into bone can end up in places you don’t want…like your arteries and heart. Most supplements are made with 1,000mg of calcium or more.

New scientific evidence indicates this could be too much, and what you gain in bone health may be sacrificed in heart health. This is even more likely to be true if you’re using an inorganic rock calcium. The simple fact is there’s no reason to take a supplement with this much calcium. You can get optimal bone health benefits by taking a supplement that uses less than 800mg of a proven plant sourced calcium.

3) Contains natural minerals (besides calcium) needed to build strong bones. No question calcium is the starting point…but bone health is not based on a single nutrient. Your body naturally builds bone using numerous vitamins and other minerals that work with calcium.

These other minerals include…magnesium, silicon, strontium, manganese, vanadium, and boron. To build strong bones, you need to provide your body with all of these nutrients. And like calcium, it’s best if they’re in a “food state” that your body can easily digest and put to work. Synthetic minerals aren’t nearly as effective as naturally occurring minerals.

4) Must include vitamin K2. Never is a strong word… but you should never, ever take a calcium supplement that doesn’t contain vitamin K2. Without adequate vitamin K, your body can’t use calcium because vitamin K activates a special protein (osteocalcin) that is necessary to enable calcium to build strong bone tissue. As important, and maybe more important, vitamin K2 also helps you avoid unwanted calcium buildup in your arteries, veins and the heart.

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It does this by promoting another special protein (matrix GLA) that recycles calcium in veins and arteries…before the calcium has a chance to harden and calcify. Taking calcium supplements without vitamin K2 hurts bone health and can be dangerous to your heart health!

Algaecal chart

5) Controls bone destroying cortisol. Emerging research is finding that there is a new culprit for bone loss – the stress hormone cortisol. In fact, high levels of cortisol correlate directly to low levels of bone mineral density. This relationship has been demonstrated in both men and women – even when adjusted for factors like age, weight, smoking, drinking, etc.

And this destructive effect on bone is also seen in people who take cortisol like drugs (e.g. costicosteroids), which can lead to “drug-induced osteoporosis.” A good bone health supplement needs to target cortisol, and help keep it in a healthy range.

Frankly, it’s hard to find a bone health supplement that meets all of these requirements. I know because we spent a long time looking for one.

That’s why NatureCity® created its own premium quality product.

TrueOsteo™ sets a new standard for bone health supplements, and is the perfect partner in your quest to build strong bones.

Here’s why TrueOsteo™ is the right bone health supplement for you…

Why Use Calcium That Only Slows Bone Loss…
When This Helps You Increase Bone Density!

I’ll tell you right up front…most marketers of calcium haven’t exactly been truthful with you in reporting the benefits of their calcium.

You see, calcium studies often report an “increase in bone density”, but rarely is it an outright increase.

The real story is the calcium users experienced a “slower” rate of bone loss compared to a placebo group (not taking calcium), who declined faster.

So it often gets reported that the calcium users had a “greater” bone density when the reality is…they’re still losing bone!

Although there’s still a benefit to the calcium, that’s really tricky…and too deceptive for my taste.

That’s why in TrueOsteo™ you get the only plant sourced calcium clinically proven to actually increase bone density…and not just slow down your rate of bone loss.

It’s called AlgaeCal®…and not only is it plant sourced, it’s the only calcium certified USDA organic too!

As the name suggests, AlgaeCal® is harvested from the algas calcareas plant, which naturally grows in shallow ocean waters off the coast of South America. It’s made from a living plant…not some inorganic dense rock.

AlgaeCal® is Dr. Oz’s  Choice
for Calcium Supplements!

   “…frailty is the main reason we die too young”

On April 12, 2012, Dr. Oz featured AlgaeCal® as one of his three “Super Products for Super Longevity.”

In the television episode, Dr. Oz points out that weak bones and joints lead to frailty, and “frailty is the main reason we die too young.”  Most people, think it’s heart disease or cancer, but it’s frailty.

calcium-rock vs. plant

Dr. Oz also correctly notes that the calcium found in most supplements is made from rock, such as limestone or marble.  But rocks aren’t part of your diet, so your body can’t use this calcium very efficiently.

On the other hand, AlgaeCal® is from a living marine plant. . . not a rock. And since the calcium in AlgaeCal® is from a food source, your body can use it more effectively. . . helping grow bone  in as little as 6 months.

Whereas traditional calcium ingredients only slow bone loss, AlgaeCal® has been shown to actually help you grow bone.  And that’s why it’s recommended by Dr. Oz  (by the way, we were way ahead of Dr. Oz… NatureCity® recommended this to our clients well before he did!).

Plus, as Dr. Oz says, the USDA certified organic AlgaeCal® is easier on the stomach than traditional rock calcium…and less likely to cause constipation and gas.

And AlgaeCal® is safer than traditional rock calcium because you don’t need to take as much!  It’s the only calcium ingredient you should use!

And what makes AlgaeCal® really unique is, together with vitamin D3, it has been shown to actually increase bone density... starting in as little as six months.

This was demonstrated in a recent study published in the International Journal of Medicine. The study included 36 women with an average age of 69.5 and a baseline bone mineral density (BMD) of 1.132.

For a full year, these women were asked to take a daily supplement containing 750mg of calcium from AlgaeCal® and 1,000 IU of vitamin D3…the same amounts you get in TrueOsteo™.

And the results were remarkable! On average, the study participants increased their bone mineral density by 1.30% in one year.

How significant was this? Without calcium supplementation, women of this age typically experience a 0.75% decline in BMD annually.

Further, previous studies show women who use regular rock calcium and vitamin D3 still experience a 0.10% decline in BMD annually. That’s an improvement over not using a supplement…but still a decline.

In contrast, with AlgaeCal®, there was an impressive 1.30% increase in BMD annually! And this is just one of several study groups that have demonstrated AlgaeCal® can help you build bones…not just reduce your rate of decline.

Better yet, these results were achieved with no reported adverse side effects or other unwanted health concerns.

Why would you use a calcium supplement that doesn’t give you these dramatic results?

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Secret #1
to AlgaeCal®’s Success

The first reason why AlgaeCal® works so well is because the plant sourced nutrients are in a “whole food state.” As result, the calcium gets readily absorbed by your

This is especially important as you get older because your stomach produces less acid, and foods can become harder to digest - meaning fewer nutrients get absorbed by your body.

But AlgaeCal® is as easy as it gets when it comes to calcium absorption.

Forget comparing it to rock calcium…AlgaeCal® blows traditional rock calcium away.

The real test is comparing AlgaeCal® to other foods containing calcium!

calcium chart

This notion was tested in a simulator of the human digestive tract at the highly respected scientific analysis institute, C.E.V.A. in France.

At C.E.V.A, the calcium absorption of AlgaeCal® was compared to some typical foods that are high in calcium content….like yogurt, pears, oranges and cauliflower.  

The researchers were shocked that AlgaeCal® demonstrated higher calcium absorption than ALL of the foods tested. For example, 75% of the calcium in AlgaeCal® was absorbed…compared to only 43% of the calcium in yogurt!

The fact that the calcium in AlgaeCal® gets absorbed at such a high rate is reason #1 why it works so much better than other calcium ingredients.

Here is reason #2…  

Secret #2
to AlgaeCal®’s Success

The second reason why AlgaeCal® works so well is because like other food, AlgaeCal® naturally contains many other beneficial minerals other than calcium.

bone building

And according to USDA researchers and other scientists, many of these are integral to building strong bones…which is your goal. These minerals include magnesium, silicon, strontium, manganese, vanadium, zinc, and boron.

You don’t usually get these other bone building minerals with rock calcium...they would have to be added to the formula using minerals made in a laboratory.

And as you know, your body prefers naturally occurring minerals in a food state. That’s what you get with AlgaeCal®…and it supercharges the bone building ability you get with TrueOsteo™.

This was recently demonstrated by researchers from the Harvard Medical School and University of Connecticut. Their work was published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.

In direct head-to-head tests, the scientists compared the bone building effects of AlgaeCal® with the two top-selling calcium ingredients…which are the rock-based calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

The results showed AlgaeCal® outperformed calcium carbonate and calcium citrate by 300% and 400% respectively on DNA synthesis - the ability of human cells called “osteoblasts” to produce new bone building cells.

Similarly, AlgaeCal® was proven overwhelmingly superior in all other tests conducted by these scientists…once again there really was no doubt which was the best.

This study was significant because it was the first time in the history of calcium research that a calcium ingredient stood head and shoulders above the others when measuring its effect on stimulating bone cells.

“Your Calcium is the Best
I’ve Ever Tried”

     “RA has depleted my body, my bones and my joints.  I’ve tried many calcium supplements, but have found that TrueOsteo is the best. 

My joints are less sore and I have found my hands, arms and legs to be stronger. I love all the ingredients in TrueOsteo.
I also use your Alotin HA joint product and the combination of both products has helped.  I used to use a walker and I no longer do.  If I cut back on these two products I notice that I get worse.  Please don’t stop making them!”
– Betty C.  Menomonie, WI

And it clearly demonstrates that the mineral complex naturally found in plant sourced AlgaeCal® provides you with better bone health support than rock calcium.

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Has AlgaeCal® been
shown to be safe?

As you read a moment ago, in the clinical studies AlgaeCal® was found to be well tolerated by users with no reported side effects. On top of that, a panel of 43 blood tests also demonstrated no safety concerns.

One additional question that could be raised is… since AlgaeCal® is organic and comes from the sea, is there a risk of high levels of heavy metals and other contaminants such as those tainting fish?

The bottom line is not only does the product comply with U.S federal standards, it meets safety levels of California’s Proposition 65 – which are the most stringent safety standards in the world regarding heavy metals and other contaminants.

One key reason for this is the South American coast where the product is harvested is one of the least polluted oceans in the world.

What’s more, six different safety studies have been conducted in the United States and Europe, and demonstrate the safety of AlgaeCal®. These six studies have been combined into one manuscript which was published in the journal, Toxicology Mechanisms and Actions.

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The scientists authoring the published study reported that this detailed collective body of work conclusively demonstrates the “broad-spectrum safety profile of AlgaeCal®.”

The real cherry on the sundae is…you only need to take 750mg of calcium from AlgaeCal® a day, instead of the rock calcium 1,200mg usually found in supplements.

This greatly cuts down on the chances that you’ll have excess calcium circulating in your body…which over time could prove harmful.

As you can see, all available data on AlgaeCal® suggests this breakthrough product is both beneficial and safe, and is the best calcium choice for a supplement product.

Even though AlgaeCal® may be the star of the show, you get much more in the novel TrueOsteo™ product!

The Right Form of Vitamin D in the Right Amount

If you’ve been following the health and nutrition news in the last five or so years, you may know that there’s been an explosion of knowledge and awareness regarding the health benefits of vitamin D.

Vitamin D always has been associated with good bone health…now we know it’s as important for heart health, joint health, blood sugar health, immune health, brain health and more.

That’s why it’s really troubling that most American adults are deficient in Vitamin D. This shortfall is hurting more than just bone health.

So why is vitamin D essential for your bone health? Two reasons…

One, vitamin D is necessary for calcium to be absorbed efficiently from your stomach to your bloodstream. As you know, if calcium isn’t well absorbed, it can’t help you.

“TrueOsteo has been a Godsend”

     “My first bone scan was a disastrous -4, I was in the throes of osteoporosis. One of the products that I used, TrueOsteo, played a big role in rebuilding my bone structure. My last scan showed some – 3 and also a -2 which is considered osteopenia which means my bones are much stronger.

I continue to use the TrueOsteo daily.”
– Bev H., Phillips, NE

“No more back problems, and
no more drugs!”

     ““A couple of years ago I had a dexa scan of my hips and spine and the test showed osteoporosis. I had been taking a prescription osteoporosis drug for two years before the scan as my mother had severe osteoporosis with many fractures in her spine.

I stopped taking the drug and began taking TrueOsteo. I felt that my back was feeling stronger, as I was not having lower back problems as often. I had my second bone scan earlier this year and my doctor said that my scores were normal and I had stable bone density and told me to repeat the test in two years.

This was great news!”
– Marlene M., White Bear Lake, MN

Second, once in the bloodstream, vitamin D works with calcium and other minerals to build and maintain bone. It’s like a restaurant kitchen. You have a head chef, but to make the entire meal he or she needs the help of others.

If calcium doesn’t have these extra helpers, it can’t grow strong bones in your body.

And as you would guess…studies have shown that supplementing only with vitamin D, and not calcium, doesn’t help your bone health. You need both.

The next question you need the answer to is …how much vitamin D is needed to support calcium?

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that each day you need at least 700 to 800 IU of vitamin D3 to significantly reduce bone fracture risk.

Notice that the JAMA study specified “vitamin D3.” If you’re taking a supplement with “vitamin D2”, you’re being short changed.

The reason why is because vitamin D3 is absorbed up to 300% better by your body than vitamin D2. To get the full benefits of vitamin D, you should only take vitamin D3!

With TrueOsteo™, you get a full 1,000 IU of vitamin D3.

We chose this amount for you because it was the exact amount of vitamin D3 used together with AlgaeCal® that resulted in the impressive 1.3% bone growth in one year.

Our goal is to give you optimal results too!

And now for the bone health ingredient you absolutely, positively can’t afford to overlook…

Vitamin K2:
Helps get Calcium in Your Bones and
Keep it out of Your Arteries

It’s amazing that as much as we’ve learned in the last decade about vitamin D, we’re learning even more about vitamin K…and specifically vitamin K2.

In case you don’t know, vitamin K has two sub-families, K1 and the K2s.

Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables and plays a prime role in blood clotting…as we’ve known for many years.


The real breakthrough is what’s been discovered about vitamin K2, which is much less abundant in foods…especially the foods eaten in the United States.

Yet we now know it’s critical to your health because vitamin K2 (more so than K1) performs two key functions:

1) Vitamin K2 activates a special protein (osteocalcin) that is necessary to enable calcium to build strong bone tissue.

2) Vitamin K2 promotes another special protein, Matrix GLA Protein (MGP), which is necessary to avoid unwanted calcium buildup in arteries, veins and the heart… and instead facilitates the recycling of calcium in your body.

And here’s the kicker…whereas studies show about 70% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, almost everyone is deficient in vitamin K2!

Event though you don’t need much vitamin K2, it’s hard to get from your diet. For example, to get the 45 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin K2 contained in TrueOsteo™, you’d have to…

….eat 8.8 pounds of beef or…drink 1.3 gallons of milk…or eat 8 egg yolks…or eat 1.3 gallons of whole yogurt!

And that’s really hard to do in one day…forget everyday. This is just another reason why you need TrueOsteo™.

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How Vitamin K Improves Bone Health

Like we discussed earlier, you need many chefs in the kitchen to make strong bones.

You read how vitamin D helps calcium get absorbed so it can get to your bones…vitamin K helps bind calcium into the bone.

“Joint Pain is Gone and
Bone Density Increased”

     “I tried a prescription drug which caused my right femur to snap. After that a doctor prescribed two years of shots – but again no increase in my bone density. Movement was painful, so I decided to make a change - against my doctors’ advice!

After seven months of TrueOsteo the joint pain was gone. I was able to work in the garden for the first time in 8 years – and best of all, for the first time a slight increase in bone density!! Total hip bone density increased by 2 cm and total spine bone density increased by 1 cm.”
– Nancy E., Carthage, NC

Vitamin K – and more precisely vitamin K2 – does this by activating a protein called osteocalcin. So you know, the process of activation is known as “carboxylation.”

And when this activation process fails to reach optimal levels…your bones won’t be as strong and you’ll be more likely to suffer a fracture.

In fact, a study published in the journal Bone found study participants (aged 70 to 97) were three times more likely to suffer a hip fracture because of “under carboxylation.”

On the other hand, another study recently published in Bone showed the protective benefits of vitamin K.

In this study, the vitamin K consumption of 200 men and women (average age of 67) was analyzed. And the researchers found that those with higher intakes of vitamin K also had slightly greater bone mineral density.

That’s a terrific result, but here was the more important discovery…

…on ultrasound imaging, their bones appeared younger and stronger than bones of others their age who didn’t consume as much vitamin K.

So if you’re goal is to grow strong bones, vitamin K needs to be part of your supplement!

Why Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is the BEST Vitamin K for You…

When it comes to supplementing vitamin K, you technically have three choices…but for best results there really is only one.

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The types of vitamin K available for use in supplements are: vitamin K1, and vitamin K2 as either MK-4 or MK-7.

Right off the bat, you should know that only vitamin K2 as MK-7 is from a natural source.

MK-7 is made from a Japanese soybean product called natto. And whenever possible, you should always seek nutrients made from whole foods…not in a lab.

Besides being synthetic, the problem with K1 and MK-4 is they disappear from the blood almost as quickly as they enter it – because their half life is only 1 to 2 hours.

So to get any benefit you need to take extremely large doses multiple times a day.

And in addition to being way above the recommended consumption level for vitamin K, these large doses may interact negatively with persons on blood thinning medications (like warfarin).

In contrast, the half life of MK-7 is 3 days. This long life allows you to build up vitamin K to optimal levels at very small doses…like the 45mcg per day in TrueOsteo.

And at 45mcg a day, vitamin K2 is a lot less likely to interact with blood thinning medications…although if you are taking a blood thinner, we recommend you speak to your physician before you use TrueOsteo™.

As I mentioned, the MK-7 in TrueOsteo™ is made from natto using a natural fermentation process (caution: this may be a problem if you’re allergic to soy).

Natto is a popular food in Japan…but is kind of smelly and slimy in texture, so many Americans find it unappealing.

Not surprisingly, Japanese women who eat a lot of natto, also have a lower frequency of hip fractures. This was reported in a study published in Nutrition.

This same study found that the amount of MK-7 found in the blood of women in Tokyo, Japan was 10 times higher than women in Britain (where natto is seldom eaten).

The researchers traced these higher levels of vitamin K-2 (MK-7) to lower incidence of bone fractures…again illustrating the importance of vitamin K2.

But that’s just one of the two critical things vitamin K2 does…

How Vitamin K2 protects Your Arteries
and Heart from Calcium…

Just like vitamin K2 activates a protein needed to build strong bones…vitamin K2 activates another protein that has an equally important function.

vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 also activates a protein in your arteries called Matrix GLA Protein (MGP), that helps you avoid unwanted calcium buildup in your arteries, veins and the heart.

Instead active MGP facilitates the recycling of calcium in your body… so it can be used in places you want it…like bones and teeth.

The landmark study that first put the importance of vitamin K2 for heart and artery health on the map was the 2004 Rotterdam study.

The Rotterdam Study showed that high dietary intake of vitamin K2 – but not vitamin K1 - has a strong protective effect on cardiovascular health.

This population-based study, which took place over a 10 year period, followed 4,807 initially healthy men and women who were over 55 years of age at the start.

Findings from the study indicated that eating foods that provided at least 32mcg of natural vitamin K2 per day resulted in a:

• 50% reduction of arterial calcification,
• 46% reduction of cardiovascular death and a
• 25% reduction of all cause mortality.  

“My Doctor Was Pleasantly Surprised”

     “My doctor was concerned that my bone condition would worsen if I didn’t take the meds.  I chose to try TrueOsteo. 

      When the doctor did the bone density scan – she was surprised that it had not worsened. I am 80 years old and full of energy!”
– Peggy M.  San Antonio, TX

These findings were affirmed in 2008 by another population-based study with 16,000 people from the Netherlands.

All of the women participating in this 8 year project were aged 49-70 at the start of the study and were free of cardiovascular diseases.

Once again, the results from this study show that high intake of natural vitamin K2 – but not vitamin K1 – offered significant protection from cardiovascular events.

Specifically, the researchers found that for every 10mcg vitamin K2 consumed, the risk of coronary heart disease was reduced by 9%.

What’s more, other research has shown that healthy arterial tissues have been shown to contain 20-50 times more vitamin K2 than unhealthy arteries.

If you’re going to take a calcium supplement, you must include vitamin K2. Otherwise, you’re putting your heart health at risk.

And TrueOsteo™ provides you with 45mcg of vitamin K2 as MK-7 each day!

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How TrueOsteo Protects Your Bones
from the “Stress Hormone”

Now for the icing on the cake…and what really sets TrueOsteo™ apart from any other bone health supplement.

Have you heard of a hormone called cortisol?

trueosteo order link

Like many substances in your body, when you have normal levels of cortisol it does some very good things. Some of these are…keeping blood sugar under control, improving memory and reducing your sensitivity to pain.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, you may have elevated levels of cortisol. This is simply because we live in a high stress society.

You see, cortisol gets released when your body encounters a stressful situation. Over time, this can lead to higher than normal cortisol levels…and that’s when the bad stuff starts to happen.

When cortisol is elevated, it does the following:

 bullet-point Destroys healthy muscle and bone

 bullet-point Causes fat accumulation and blood sugar problems

 bullet-point Slows down healing

 bullet-point Impairs digestion, metabolism and mental function

 bullet-point Interferes with healthy endocrine function; and

bullet-point Weakens your immune system

Cortisol is a major reason why stress takes a toll on your body over time.

What’s really disturbing is, until recently, we never understood how much cortisol negatively affects your bone health.

But the truth is cortisol is a major culprit in bone loss… and you need to try to keep your cortisol levels in a normal range.

Several recent research studies from Italy and the United States demonstrated why this is important. All have shown that high levels of cortisol correlate directly to low levels of bone mineral density.

What’s more, this relationship has been demonstrated in both men and women, regardless of age – even when adjusted for factors like weight, smoking, drinking, etc.

Researchers even noticed this bone loss effect in depressed young women (who typically have high cortisol levels).

Further, this destructive effect on bone is seen also with people who take cortisol like drugs (e.g. costicosteroids), which can lead to “drug-induced osteoporosis.”

Since the discovery of this relationship is fairly new, the exact reasons why cortisol causes bone loss isn’t entirely clear yet. However, preliminary evidence suggests cortisol…

 bullet-point Intereferes with calcium, magnesium and other mineral absorption in the intestines

 bullet-point Inhibits osteoblast (bone building) activity

bullet-point Activates osteoclasts which causes bone to be resorbed (bones degrade faster)

“No Fractures since starting TrueOsteo”

     “Osteoporosis has caused me many fractures.  Since using TrueOsteo I have not had any bone fractures and I feel stronger.  The bones in my jaw and throughout my body have improved.  I will never be without TrueOsteo!”
– Charlene, Y., Cleveland, OH

“Finally…calcium that doesn’t upset my stomach”

     ““My bone density tests had a low score and I also suffer from a para thyroid condition.  My friend recommended that I try TrueOsteo.  I do not have the gastro intestinal upset problems that I was getting from a rock type calcium.  Love the product!”
– Mary F., North Providence, RI

At NatureCity®, we didn’t ignore this problem. And we’re the first to offer you a bone supplement that helps you maintain normal cortisol levels.

The secret is a clinically proven ashwaganda plant extract called Sensoril®.

Sensoril® was invented by Fulbright Scholar Dr. Shibnath Ghosal…and it works like nothing else we know of to keep cortisol in check.

In fact in a study published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA), Sensoril was shown to reduce excess cortisol levels by an average of 24%.

In addition, 250mg of Sensoril®, the daily serving in TrueOsteo™, improved other stress markers like C-reactive protein (by about 37%), and DHEAS (by about 32%).

What’s more, users reported improvements in stress and anxiety parameters like sleep, irritability, fatigue, etc. On top of this, users significantly improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels by about 10%.

You should also know that the ashwaganda plant used to make Sensoril® is known as an “adapatogen”…meaning it helps the body return to a balanced state.

So if your cortisol levels are normal, Sensoril® doesn’t cause them to plummet to below normal. It’s there to help keep cortisol in balance!

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One “Extra” TrueOsteo Bonus…

I think you’ll agree that TrueOsteo™ is a unique bone health formula that goes way beyond ordinary calcium and vitamin D.


Just to further round out the TrueOsteo™ formula, we added one other novel ingredient.

It’s called Capros®, which is made from the powerful Indian Gooseberry super fruit. Capros® has many, many potential benefits…but recent research indicates it may support your bone health.

Specifically, in vitro testing has suggested that Capros® may be a strong inhibitor of compounds in your body called MMP enzymes.

MMP enzymes degrade collagen proteins. You may know collagen is important for skin health…it’s also essential for bone health.

And based on clinical research to date, it seems Capros® may help protect collagen from destructive MMP enzymes.

Again, we strived to give you every tool possible to support your bone building efforts!

TrueOsteo™: Everything you want
in a Bone Health Formula!

I hope you’re as excited about how TrueOsteo™ can help you as I am!

Let’s go back to the checklist we made up front to make sure TrueOsteo™ provides everything you need – and want – in a bone health supplement.

Starting with #1… does TrueOsteo™ use a plant sourced calcium?
Yes it does and AlgaeCal® is also USDA certified organic. More impressive, AlgaeCal® has been shown to grow bone by 1.3%…not just slow bone loss! No other plant calcium can make that claim!

#2… does TrueOsteo™ have less than 800mg of calcium per day?
Yes it does, which helps protect against excess calcium ending up in places you don’t want it…like your arteries or heart. The amount of calcium you get from AlgaeCal® is about 750mg per day. (note : since it’s a natural, organic product the amount of calcium per 2,570mg of AlgaeCal® typically varies slightly between 720mg and 780mg.)

#3… does TrueOsteo™ have other natural minerals needed to build strong bones?
Yes it does, one of the reasons AlgaeCal® is so effective is, in addition to calcium in a natural “whole food state”, it also provides you with naturally occurring minerals proven to be essential for bone health like… magnesium, silicon, strontium, manganese, vanadium, zinc, and boron. These minerals combine to act like concrete for your bones.

#4… does TrueOsteo™ include “must have” vitamin K2?
Yes it does, each day TrueOsteo provides vitamin K2 as MK-7…the only natural vitamin K2. In addition to helping you build stronger bones, vitamin K2 as MK-7 does something that is priceless…it helps to keep calcium out of your arteries and heart, improving cardiovascular health.

#5… does TrueOsteo™ help control bone destroying cortisol?
Yes it does, using the clinically proven ashwaganda plant extract Sensoril®. Each day, you’ll can be comforted knowing that Sensoril® is protecting your bones - and the rest of your body - from the damaging effects of the “stress hormone”, cortisol.

#6… how many capsules do I need to take and how long will one bottle last?
Each bottle of TrueOsteo™ contains 120 capsules and we suggest you take 4 capsules per day (2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening). Therefore, one bottle will last you 30 days.

You won’t find this combination of ingredients in any other bone formula! And TrueOsteo™ is a terrific value too…

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“Double Your Money Back” TrueOsteo™ Guarantee!

As you may know, purchases from NatureCity® normally come with a full one year money back guarantee.  And you’ll get this risk-free protection with your TrueOsteo purchase.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with TrueOsteo™, just simply return your remaining bottles any time over the next year…and you’ll get a full refund.

You don’t risk one penny by giving TrueOsteo™ a try.

But today…we’re going one step further. 

If you use TrueOsteo for the next 12 months and don’t increase bone density at either your hip or spine, then we will not only refund the money you spent on TrueOsteo™…we will double it!

Here’s how this special “Double Your Money Back” guarantee works… within 30 days of starting TrueOsteo™, you need to get a DEXA scan to measure your current bone density.  Use TrueOsteo™ as directed for the next 12 months…and then have another DEXA scan.

If your DEXA scan results do not show a bone density increase in either your hip or spine, we will refund double all 12 months of your TrueOsteo™ purchase.(1)

I think this shows you how confident we are in the TrueOsteo™ product.  Other bone products won’t offer you a “double your money back” because they can’t be certain of the results…we know TrueOsteo™ can help you increase bone density.

Now it’s up to you to get started.  Order your TrueOsteo™ today!

(1)   If you are taking certain drugs known to decrease bone density (such as corticosteroid and anti-depressant drugs), we can’t offer you the “double your money back guarantee.”  However you will still be protected by our standard one year money back guarantee.

Take Action and Order TrueOsteo Today!

It’s never too early and never too late to improve your bone health…but the sooner you start, the better.

I’m confident you will not find a better bone health supplement. TrueOsteo™ was designed to incorporate the latest research findings…and we won’t stop trying to make it better.

But now you need to act...for fastest service, please order now!

Remember, you have a 100% money-back-guarantee that’s good for a full year.

The key is to get started. Take action today!

Yours for healthy living,


Carl Pradelli, President, NatureCity®

p.s. Since studies have shown it takes a minimum of six months to see noticeable bone health results, I strongly suggest you choose the Best Value deal…and save yourself a lot of money!

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