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AloeCran Juice

AloeCran™ Aloe vera and Cranberry Juice Concentrate

6 Bags
(180 servings)
Reg. $239.94
Save: $102.47
3 Bags
(90 servings)
Reg. $119.97
Save: $40.10
1 Bag
(30 servings)
Reg. $39.99
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Each Bottle Contains:
Count: 201 g  Serving size: 1 scoop (6.7 g)
 Servings: 30

How Can Something that Tastes So Good Help You This Much?

• Helps relieve heartburn and makes digestion easier

• Helps keep blood sugar under control

• Helps you maintain normal cholesterol and triglycerides

How often do you get to enjoy something you like completely guilt free?

That’s what you get with every glass of AloeCran. It has no sugar…no artificial ingredients…no fat…no preservatives and only 8 calories per delicious glass – all from much needed soluble fiber.

AloeCran™ is a great tasting juice you can drink any time of day...and as a bonus you get a treasure chest of health benefits.

What’s in AloeCran™?

AloeCran is delivered to your home as a ready to mix powder chock full of nutrients with proven health benefits. You simply add water and in a snap you have a great tasting juice.

Aloe vera juice
Patented cold-process
is used to create our
Aloe vera juice

AloeCran™ doesn’t contain sugar, artificial sweeten­ers or preservatives that ruin the health benefits of the juice. In spite of this, you don’t sacrifice great taste – you just lose the calories and spike in blood sugar.

Moreover, you get a leg up in your quest to look and feel better with the unique blend of ingredients. Here’s what’s in AloeCran™…

1) ACTIValoe®… the finest Aloe vera juice concentrate around. ACTIValoe™ is “farm fresh.” It’s as pure and potent as if you freshly squeezed the juice from an Aloe leaf.

You couldn’t do better than ACTIValoe™ even if the Aloe field was in your backyard.

2) PACran®… a special high potency whole cranberry juice concentrate rich in unique antioxidants called “proanthocyani­dins” (PACs). These antioxidants help stop harmful E.coli and H. pylori bacteria from sticking to intestinal and urinary tract walls – along with other harmful bacteria.

Aloe vera juice cranberries

PACran® contains 1.5% PACs, which is twice as much as other leading cranberry powders – giving you 100% more potency.

3) FiberSol®-2… a soluble fiber with no bad taste, gas, or acid - just proven health benefits. By drinking just one glass of AloeCran™, you get a full 5 grams of soluble fiber.

FiberSol®-2 is completely free of bacteria, toxins and harmful pathogens, making it safe.

The secret to making AloeCran taste so good is a natural sweetening complex consisting of stevia and luo han guo.

Together these natural sweeten­ers are about 200 - 300 times sweeter than sugar. Now that doesn’t mean AloeCran™ is too sweet for your taste…we don’t have to use more than 100mg of this powerful sweetening complex to create a delicious juice.

Even better… YOU control how sweet you want the juice to be. We recommend adding 6oz. to 8oz. of water to a scoop of AloeCran™ – and we give you the scoop.

But you can add more water or less water depending on how sweet you want the juice to be. It’s completely in your control.

As important, these natural sweeteners contain zero calories and have a very low glycemic index score making them safe for diabetics.

Each of the key ingredients in AloeCran is “best in class” to give you maximum benefits. Here’s why…

Drink Aloe Cran™ every day to your health!

6 Bags <br> (180 servings) 6 Bags
(180 servings)
Reg. Price:
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3 Bags <br> (90 servings) 3 Bags
(90 servings)
Reg. Price:
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1 Bag <br> (30 servings) 1 Bag
(30 servings)
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Write A Review
"Enjoyable Drink"
Jean T (Feb 12, 2014)
5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars
Got my 1st order of AloeCran recently & have sure been enjoying it's refreshing flavor every morning right away after I get up for the day.
"Great Product"
Tom S (Mar 28, 2012)
5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars
I have been using AloeCran for over 6 months now and just ordered the special 4 jars again. I have more energy and a lot less indigestion than before using it. Would recommend it to everyone.
"This Stuff Works"
John T (Feb 13, 2012)
5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars
Used up one jar of AloeCran and have ordered 6 more. I have taken a prescription drug for over 6 years. The longest I could go with out that pill was a day and a half. I have been off the drug now for over three weeks. This stuff works. I have also lost 6 pounds from not craving food nutrients I was missing from lack of stomach acid.