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True COQ10 with Ubiquinol, the advanced form of CoQ10

6 Month Supply
(6 Bottles)
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Save: $131.85
3 Month Supply
(3 Bottles)
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1 Month Supply
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Each Bottle Contains:
Count: 30  Serving size: 1
 Servings: 30

When you boil it all down, here are the two things CoQ10 does...

  1. CoQ10 sparks energy creation in all trillion cells in your body and fuels the pumping of blood to and from your heart.
  2. CoQ10 is a powerful anti­oxidant that protects cells from being damaged and destroyed – helping you to avoid disease and premature aging.

Each of these jobs is neces­sary for survival…and the fact that CoQ10 can do both at the same time explains why your body is so depen­dent on CoQ10.

Unfortunately, in your heart alone, the level of CoQ10 declines 57% between age 20 and age 80. That’s why a CoQ10 supplement is so important.

Here was the problem…the CoQ10 that you’ve been taking, or seen for sale, is made with “ubiquinone” which has severe limitations as a supplement. Not only is it diffi­cult to absorb, ubiquinone is not even the form of CoQ10 your body needs!

You see, about 90% of the CoQ10 your body uses is the “active” form called “ubiquinol.” Until just recently ubiquinol was not available as a supplement because it’s a challenge to keep it stable and active.

Thanks to CoQ10 manufacturing leader Kaneka Corp. this problem has been solved – and NatureCity is happy to offer you TrueCoQ10™ made with 100% ubiquinol.

The ubiquinol in TrueCoQ10™ is up to eight times more effective. That’s at high doses typically used to treat disease conditions.

Even at doses used to maintain good health – 50mg or 100mg per day – the ubiquinol in TrueCoQ10™ has been shown to be 430% more effective. This was just proven in a clinical study that used the same formula that’s in your TrueCoQ10™. This study was published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

So taking 100mg of TrueCoQ10™ is equivalent to taking about 430mg of regular CoQ10.

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6 Month Supply <br>(6 Bottles) 6 Month Supply
(6 Bottles)
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3 Month Supply <br>(3 Bottles) 3 Month Supply
(3 Bottles)
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1 Month Supply <br>(1 Bottle) 1 Month Supply
(1 Bottle)
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