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True Aloe Topical Gel

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Twice as Potent as the Aloe Plant Itself! 

A recent survey indicated consumers want Aloe Vera in their skin care products more than any other botanical ingredient.

Well, get ready for some great news from NatureCity®. We have captured the full strength of the Aloe Vera plant and made it even better. Our latest TrueAloe™ Topical Gel is a DOUBLE STRENGTH Aloe vera gel.

A nourishing, soothing and moisturizing skin treatment with twice the potency of the plant itself!

The Truth About Most Aloe vera Topical Gels...

Most other topical Aloe gel products you see for sale contain only a miniscule amount of Aloe vera. Marketers get away with this by using phrases like “made with 100% aloe” on the label – without telling how much is actually used.

These products aren’t even single strength, forget about the double strength potency you get in the TrueAloe™ Topical Gel.

And, like NatureCity®’s other TrueAloe™ products, this remarkable topical gel is made with “cold-processed” Aloe vera – and it’s 100% organically grown.

Using “cold processed” Aloe vera protects and preserves the nutrient structure – which heat destroys. The extra steps used to make TrueAloe™ Topical Gel ensure that you get the maximum benefits!

TrueAloe™ Topical Gel soothes skin injured by burns, irritations, cuts and insect bites. It can provide relief to itching and swelling or irritated skin. And it is a great skincare product to improve the skin’s ability to hydrate and protect itself. It can also be used to cool the sting after shaving.

Notice It’s the Same Natural Color As The Plant Gel

You’ll notice that TrueAloe™ Topical Gel is an off-white, brownish color. If you cut open an Aloe leaf, the gel is the same color. No phony green dyes are used.

NatureCity®’s Topical Gel is fragrance free, alcohol free and dye free taking away worries about skin irritation. And “paraben” preservatives aren’t used.

TrueAloe Topical Gel is great for all skin types, and absorbs quickly into the skin with no greasy residue. You’ll love it!

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Mercedes M (May 19, 2013)
5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars
I really love this product, It helps keep my skin moist and it gives me that natural glow.