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TrueRecall: Boost Memory Concentration and Alertness

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Each Bottle Contains:
Count: 60  Serving size: 2
 Servings: 30

Boost Your Memory, Concentration 
 and Alertness... Starting on Day1!

If you’re frustrated by little bouts of forgetfulness…or annoyed that you can’t think clearly…or feel like your brain is in a haze and you can’t focus…then try TrueRecall™.
Sure memory problems are a “normal” part of getting older...but you CAN wake up your brain cells and rejuvenate your memory and brain function.
TrueRecall™ has been carefully formulated to address the key reasons why it gets tougher to remember things with each passing year.
You’ll feel noticeable improvements almost immediately…and the longer you stick with TrueRecall™, the better your results will get. 

Here are the key ingredients…
BacoMind®: The Clinically Proven “Brain Tonic”
For almost 3,000 years, Ayurvedic medical practitioners in India have used a native plant to improve “memory and intelligence.”  This plant is bacopa monnieri.
Modern science has shown that those ancient Indian practitioners were spot on.  Bacopa offers you a treasure chest of brain benefits.
TrueRecall™ is made with the best bacopa we could find…BacoMind®.
BacoMind® has been clinically proven to work in numerous research studies.
In fact, 450mg of BacoMind® has been shown to increase memory by up to 36% over three months!
PharmaGABA®: Improve Concentration in Just 30 Minutes
One of the reasons you struggle to focus and remember things is your brain can’t relax because of stress, anxiety or worry.
Your body has a natural way to remedy this situation. It uses an amino acid called GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid). 

Since it’s not easy to get from food, taking a supplement with GABA is a good idea.
The problem is until recently the only GABA available for supplements was a synthetic chemically made GABA. And it doesn’t works as well as natural GABA.

That problem was solved with introduction of natural PharmaGABA®.
PharmaGABA® has been shown in multiple to studies to improve concentration and focus…allowing your brain to work better so you can remember more.
Several studies show one serving of PharmaGABA® can boost memory and performance by 14% to 20% after 30 minutes.   It even outperformed caffeinated Red Bull®!
Sensoril®: Promotes Mental Clarity and Alertness
While PharmaGABA® helps your mind to relax in the short term, the patented ashwagandha extract, Sensoril®, builds your body’s resistance to every day stressors.
Sensoril® was shown in a clinical study to reduce the stress hormone cortisol by a dramatic 26% over two months.
Those taking Sensoril® experienced:

  • Greater levels of mental cognition (clarity, concentration and alertness)
  • Increased energy and less fatigue
  • Better sleep and less irritability

B Vitamin Complex Featuring REAL Folate
Certain B vitamins – namely B6, B9 and B12 – have been shown to slow down mental decline by reducing levels of the harmful amino acid homocysteine.
TrueRecall™ does not use traditional B9 - which is folic acid, a synthetic vitamin meant to substitute for the folate found in food.
Instead TrueRecall™ provides the active form of folate, or 5-methylfolate, called Quatrefolic™.
Quatrefolic™ gets absorbed better, and unlike folic acid, it can cross the “blood-brain” barrier to improve brain function.  Plus it won’t mask a B12 deficiency like folic acid!
This gives you a turbo charged B vitamin complex!
Put TrueRecall™ to the test today!

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