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Petadolex Migraine Aid by Weber & Weber

6 Month Supply
(6 50 ct Bottles)
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3 Month Supply
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The World’s Best Natural Aid for Migraine Head Aches...
Are you treating migraines or preventing them?

Finally, there is a reliable product to reduce the frequency of painful migraines – without any harmful side-effects.

If you are lucky and don’t suffer from migraines, chances are good you know someone who does. This is because 1 of every 10 Americans suffers at least one migraine headache a month – and 50% of these folks suffer multiple attacks each month.

Every migraine sufferer needs to know about the natural alternative for relief called Petadolex® (pronounced “pet-a-dole-x”).

Most migraine treatments focus on ways to reduce the pain. But Petadolex® helps prevent migraines. In fact, it is clinically proven to reduce migraine attacks by up to an astounding 62%!

Petadolex® was developed in Germany over a period of 25 years. It is made by Weber & Weber, a well-respected German pharmaceutical company in business since 1952. Petadolex® was recently patented in the United States.

Petadolex® Effectiveness Proven In Two Studies

petadolex reduces migraine aches
Reduce migraine attacks
by up to 68%

In two separate placebo controlled studies, the all natural Petadolex® has been clinically proven to be as effective as prescription migraine products.

The first study was published in the journal European Neurology. The results found that by taking two Petadolex® soft gelcaps daily (100mg), migraine attacks were reduced from an average of 3.4 per month to only 1.8 per month.

Even better, the results of a second study showed that you could diminish migraines even more by increasing the Petadolex® dosage to three gelcaps daily (150mg).

This study was published in the highly respected journal Neurology – which is the “Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology.”

In this study, the 150mg a day dosage reduced migraine frequency by an average of about 60% after three months.

What’s more, 54% of the patients studied experienced a benefit in the first month... 60% by the second month... and after three months an astounding 71% of users experienced a response from Petadolex® treatment.

To be clear, a treatment response is defined as a person who had at least a 50% reduction in migraine headaches.

So after using 150mg of Petadolex® daily for three months, 7 of every 10 users had at least a 50% reduction in migraine attacks. Again, that’s as good as or better than prescription products.

And, unlike certain prescription products there are no potentially harmful side effects or interactions with other medication. The only minor side effect reported from some Petadolex® users is an increase in burping.

Petadolex® is the dream product migraine sufferers have been longing for!

So What Exactly Is Petadolex®?

Petadolex® is simply an extract taken from the roots of the butterbur shrub. The active parts of the plant are called “petasins.”

These compounds promote blood flow in cerebral blood vessels and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Part of the butterbur plant is toxic, so careful processing of the extract is required. The maker of Petadolex®, Weber & Weber, has developed a patented process to do this safely and effectively.

In fact, in a review by leading physicians published in Headache Care, the only butterbur extract recommended as safe to use was the Pedadolex®.

In addition, Pedadolex® has been used safely and effectively by one million migraine sufferers worldwide and has a remarkable safety profile.

Petadolex® is recommended by over 400 neurologists in the United States. NatureCity® is pleased to bring the same product dispensed by doctors directly to you and your loved ones at an unbeatable price!

6 Month Supply <br>(6 50 ct Bottles) 6 Month Supply
(6 50 ct Bottles)
Reg. Price:
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3 Month Supply <br>(3 50 ct Bottles) 3 Month Supply
(3 50 ct Bottles)
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1 Month Supply <br>(1 50 ct Bottle) 1 Month Supply
(1 50 ct Bottle)
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