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FREE Shipping on Orders over $69

New and Improved TrueJoint FLX™ Featuring TamaFlex®!

For 16 years, TrueJoint FLX has been our premier “combination” joint health product formulated with the latest joint health advances.

As the science evolves, we continually seek to improve TrueJoint FLX to give you the best joint and muscle support at the best value.

We’re very excited to introduce the 8th generation of TrueJoint FLX, which may provide more benefits – while costing 40% less than before!

Here’s the backstory on this exciting upgrade…

One of our trusted ingredient suppliers for TrueJoint FLX has been Laila Nutraceuticals, an India based herbal ingredient specialist, who invests significant resources in research.

In 2007, we added a boswellia serrata extract from Laila, called 5-LOXIN®, to TrueJoint FLX to help promote normal 5-LOX enzyme activity (important for joint health).

In 2013, Laila introduced a better version of 5-LOXIN®, called ApresFlex® and we upgraded TrueJoint FLX so clients could enjoy the benefits.

Now, 8 years later, Laila brings us the novel TamaFlex®. Two recent scientific studies with humans showed TamaFlex® offers a wide range of joint health benefits – and can start making a difference in as little as 5 days.

TamaFlex® is a patent pending blend of Tamarind seeds and Turmeric root extract.  What’s more, research is finding these two extracts work better together than either separately.

In case you don’t know, tamarind is a tree found in tropical and subtropical regions.  It’s fruit is used for cooking in curries and sauces.

The tamarind seeds are often roasted and eaten in various parts of the world. Of late, these seeds are receiving a lot of research attention for joint health.

Better yet, Laila researchers found that tamarind seed extract works even better when combined with turmeric root extract – which led to the creation of TamaFlex®

Here’s three key ways TamaFlex® works to help support joint health:

n Helps promote normal COX-2 and 5-LOX enzyme activity to help joint comfort

n Helps protect cartilage, collagen and other connective tissue from destructive MMP enzymes to support joint flexibility

n Helps support a healthy inflammation response to aid better long term joint function

To help make these determinations, researchers tested many blood and urinary biomarkers  and the results from those taking TamaFlex® were impressive, in our view.

One unique result we hadn’t seen before with other joint health ingredients was a significant improvement in “urinary CTX-II.”

When joint cartilage degrades, fragments of type II collagen (called CTX-II) are released and ultimately get excreted in urine. The decline in urinary CTX-II seen after study participants took TamaFlex® for 8 weeks indicates that TamaFlex® may help protect your joint cartilage.

Below are specific ways that two scientific studies found TamaFlex® may help you:

 Help comfort joints starting in as little as 5 days

 Help increase walking distance and speed

 Help support functional performance of joints

 Helps support range of motion

 Help support cartilage and connective tissue health

The potency that TamaFlex® packs allowed us to add it to TrueJoint FLX in place of ApresFlex® and BCM-95®, and maintain benefits.

A key advantage that you’ll like from this change is we were able to decrease the single bottle price of TrueJoint FLX from $59.97 to $39.97 – a 40% decrease.

If you enjoy BCM-95® for its benefits beyond joint health, you can still get it in TrueCurcumin.  Together, the new TrueJoint FLX and TrueCurcumin cost about the same as the old TrueJoint FLX, if that’s the direction you think is best for you.

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