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Q & A - Summer 2021

Q: How do French grapeseed extracts compare to MegaNatural BP?

A: We include MegaNatural-BP in TrueBP and TrueBerry7 for blood pressure support.  MegaNatural-BP has far more scientific evidence for blood pressure support than any French grape seed extract, or any other grape seed extract, that we’re aware of. 

From the presentations made to us, it seems the focus of French grape seed extract is more for general antioxidant support and immune system health – although more studies with human beings need to be conducted, in our opinion.

Q: What is malic acid and why is it part of the AloeCran formula?

A: Malic acid isn’t one of the featured ingredients in AloeCran, but it may give you some nice extra benefits.  First, let’s define what malic acid is and where it’s found in nature.

Malic acid is naturally found in fruits and vegetables.  Depending on how much is present, malic acid can make food taste more tart.  For example, apples are very rich in malic acid, which contributes to their tart sensation – especially green apples.

Other fruits with malic acid include berries such as raspberry and cranberry, pineapples and grapes.

In fact, one of the steps in making wine is to ferment the malic acid so it converts to lactic acid.  This gives the wine a smoother, softer taste and allows it to be enjoyed at a younger age. 

Malic acid is also used to make candy sour and in “salt and vinegar” flavored potato chips.

The primary reason we added malic acid to AloeCran is to help round out the taste.  If you’ve tried AloeCran, you know it certainly doesn’t taste tart or bitter. The malic acid present is just enough to give it a fuller taste and we think a more enjoyable mouth feel.

Now here’s something you may not know – malic acid is so important to your health, it is actually present in every living cell in your body!   Malic acid is essential for manufacturing ATP, which is your body’s energy source.  

Like CoQ10, malic acid is required for your body to produce energy efficiently. A boost from malic acid may help you can overcome weakness, fatigue or tiredness in the muscles. Malic acid may also help promote mental alertness.

In addition, malic acid is frequently added to oral health products like toothpaste and mouthwash because it’s been shown to promote healthier teeth and gums.

So in summary, malic acid is a natural fruit nutrient we use to improve the taste of AloeCran without resorting to chemicals or artificial flavors.  In addition, it may offer you some health benefits not highlighted before. 

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