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Aloe Vera May Help Treat Drug-Resistant Leg Ulcers

Infected leg ulcers can lead to disability or even death. Due to their often chronic nature, many become drug-resistant. Recently, researchers have discovered that applying the inner leaf juice of aloe vera gel may halt the growth of drug-resistant bacteria in leg ulcers.

The study included 60 individuals with leg ulcers infected with multi-drug resistant organisms. 30 of them were treated with topical aloe vera gel and 30 were treated with topical antibiotics.

The researchers found that 10 participants in the aloe vera group had no new bacterial growth by the fifth day. By the seventh day another 16 participants had no new growth and by the ninth day two of the remaining four participants were no longer growing new bacteria either. The remaining two participants saw no decrease in the bacterial count.

There was no change in the control group.

The study was conducted at the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. It was published online ahead of print on June 30, 2012, in the Australaisan Medical Journal.

Aloe vera has been linked to a number of health benefits, including pain relief from hemorrhoid surgery, helping to heal burns and insect bites, improved oral health, helping with kidney stones, reducing the risk of cancer and helping with dry skin.

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