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Beetroot Juice May Increase Exercise Endurance

A recent study suggests that a drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily could improve the aerobic fitness of swimmers, and increase the length of time they can exercise.

Participants in the study included 14 moderately trained male master swimmers. They took one swimming test at the start of the study and another after six days of drinking 500 mL of beetroot juice daily.

When the researchers compared results from the two swimming tests, they found a significant increase in the workload at anaerobic threshold when compared with the baseline. This indicates an improvement in the swimmers fitness status. They also found a significant reduction in aerobic energy needed to complete the swimming test after the six days of beetroot consumption.

The researchers believe that the benefits seen here are due to the fact that beetroot’s high nitrate content could reduce oxygen uptake more than any other means, including increased training. This has the result of making exercise less tiring.

Researchers form University of Cagliari in Italy, the Italian Olympic Committee, the Tunisian National Center of Medicien and Science in Sports, and the University of Tor Vergata Rome conducted the study. It was published on January 29, 2014, in the journal Nutrients.

Beetroot juice is packed with nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, amino acids and calcium. It has been associated in previous studies with lowering blood pressure, improving digestive health, boosting stamina and combating liver problems.

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