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Black Raspberry Extract May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

The black raspberry is a small black colored raspberry with very small white hairs that is native to North America. A recent study suggests that dried powder extract from black raspberry may help improve blood pressure and support cardiovascular health.

Participants in the study included 45 people with pre-hypertension who were given either a placebo, moderate (187.5 mg), or high-dose (312.5 mg) black raspberry capsule daily for eight weeks.

At the conclusion of the study, the researchers noted a reduction of approximately 3.3 mmHg in 24-hour systolic blood pressure in the supplement group. Additionally, the high dose supplement group had a 5.4 mmHg reduction in nighttime systolic blood pressure.

No changes were noted in pulse wave velocity, abdominal visceral fat, or inflammatory biomarkers such as IL-6, TNF-alpha, C-reactive protein, sICAM-1 or sVCAM-1.

Researchers from the Korea University Anam Hospital and the Gochang Black Raspberry Research Institute in Korea conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on October 23, 2015, in the journal Nutrition.

Black raspberries are rich in antioxidants, particularly one called ellagic acid. Previous studies suggest that the ellagic acid in black raspberries may help improve vision and heart health, lower blood pressure, and improve memory in mature adults.

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