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Horsetail Root Plant Botanical

Botanical Blend May Help Reduce Symptoms of Overactive Bladder and Incontinence

A recent study suggests that people with urinary incontinence and overactive bladder may benefit from taking a botanical blend containing Crateva nurvala stem bark extract, horsetail stem extract, and Japanese evergreen spicebush root extract. The study found that participants who took the blend went to the bathroom less frequently.

Participants in the study included 150 people over the age of 18 who urinated 10 or more times per day, experienced excessive urination twice or more at night (nocturia), urgently felt the need to relieve themselves more than twice a day, and experienced incontinence at least once a day over the previous six months.

Over the course of eight weeks, half of the group was given the botanical blend, while the other half was given a placebo once per day. The participants were required to visit a primary care center at baseline, two weeks, four weeks, and eight weeks for assessment and to submit a urinary frequency report.

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that urinary frequency was much lower in the supplement group, when compared with the placebo (7.69 times per day vs. 10.95 per day). They also noted lower instances of nocturia, 2.16 times per night in the botanical group, compared to 3.14 times per night in the placebo group.

Additionally, 17 of the 70 participants in the botanical blend group were symptom free at the end of the trial, compared with one in 60 in the placebo group. Five of those 17 in the botanical group were also symptom-free by week two and continued to be symptom-free through to the end of the trial.

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia led the study. It was published on January 31, 2018, in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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