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Coffee May Lower Risk of Cirrhosis of the Liver and Death From Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver occurs when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, which stops the liver from maintaining healthy function. A recent study suggests that drinking more coffee may lower the risk of cirrhosis of the liver.

For their review, the researchers examined 1,990 cases with more than 430,000 participants. They found that drinking an additional two cups of coffee daily was associated with a 44% lower risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver and a 50% lower risk of death from cirrhosis.

The researchers believe that the protective effects could be due to coffee protecting against the fibrotic and inflammatory processes that can result in cirrhosis. They also hypothesized that coffee may suppress oxidative stress and inhibit tumor necrosis.

Researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Edinburgh, both in the UK, conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on January 25, 2016, in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The health benefits associated with coffee are generally attributed to the powerful antioxidants found in coffee called polyphenols. These benefits include reducing the risk of developing diabetes, prostate cancer, cirrhosis and oral cavities.

One note to coffee drinkers: be careful how you take your coffee. A double latte with whipped cream and three sugars may provide the health benefits seen here, but the high fat and sugar content can have other negative effects.

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