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Curcumin Linked to Lower Triglyceride Levels in Obese Adults

Long term obesity is one of the most common causes of high triglycerides. A recent study suggests that curcumin may lower triglyceride levels in obese people. Curcumin is the pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow color.

Participants in the study included 30 obese adults. Over the course of 30 days, they took either one gram of a curcumin complex or a placebo. After a two week washout period, the groups switched interventions for another 30 days.

At the end of the study, triglyceride levels were between 10 and 13% lower in the curcumin group. However, they observed no changes in cholesterol, BMI, or body fat.

The researchers believe that curcumin helps fat and muscle cells better process insulin, resulting in the lower triglyceride levels seen here.

The study was conducted by researchers at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Iran and the University of Keele in England. It was published online ahead of print on May 12, 2012, in the journal Phytotherapy Research.

Turmeric has been used in folk remedies to ease menstrual cramping, help heal wounds, and to improve the appearance of skin. All of these benefits are a result of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric.

Turmeric is most commonly found in curry, but to get all of the health benefits of curcumin you'd have to eat a lot of Indian food. If you're interested in consuming more curcumin, consider taking a high quality daily supplement.

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