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Curcumin Shown to Benefit Brain, Heart and Liver Health

Curcumin is the pigment that gives the spice turmeric its yellow color. A number of studies have found curcumin to have beneficial properties for people with existing health problems.

A recent study has found that it may offer a variety of benefits for healthy people as well. These benefits include lower triglyceride levels and lower levels of other health markers.

Participants in the study included 38 healthy, middle-aged adults. For four weeks, the participants were given either an 80 mg dose of curcumin or a placebo. The researchers took blood and saliva samples at the beginning and end of the study to compare levels of different health markers.

At the end of the study, the researchers noted significant improvements in a number of health markers including lower levels of:

1. Triglycerides

2. A protein associated with Alzheimer’s

3. A marker for heart disease

4. A marker for liver disease

The study was conducted at Ohio State University and published on September 26, 2012, in Nutrition Journal.

Curcumin has been used in folk remedies to ease menstrual cramping, help heal wounds, and to improve the appearance of skin. Recent studies have suggested that it may have also cancer fighting properties. All of these benefits are attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin.

Yellow curry is a great source of curcumin, but if your stomach can't handle curry or you don’t care for Indian food, considering taking a high quality supplement.

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