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New Dietary Fiber Ingredient May Increase Feelings of Fullness

Keeping off weight can be especially hard during the holiday season. A recent study suggests that taking an inulin-propionate ester (IPE) dietary fiber ingredient may increase levels of appetite-reducing hormones as well as feelings of satiety or fullness.

Participants in the first phase of the study included 20 people who were given either IPE or inulin alone and instructed to eat as much as they wanted from a buffet. Afterward, the IPE group tested higher for levels of appetite-suppressing hormones and also ate 14% less than the inulin group.

Participants in the second phase of the test included 60 overweight people who added either 10 grams of IPE in powder form or inulin to their food for 24 weeks. At the conclusion of the study period, 4% of the IPE group gained 3% or more of their total body weight while 25% of the inulin group did the same.

None of the people in the IPE group gained over 5% of their starting weight, while 17% in the inulin group did. Additionally, by the end of the 24-week period, the IPE group had less abdominal and liver fat than the inulin group.

Researchers from the Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on December 10, 2014, in the journal Gut.

Inulin-propionate ester is a new food ingredient that includes propionate, a naturally occurring compound in the human body that helps stimulate the release of satiety hormones. It also includes inulin, a soluble dietary fiber that is non-digestible. It passes through to the large intestine and becomes healthy intestinal micro flora. Dandelion root, chicory root and elecampane root all have high concentrations of inulin.

Previous studies have shown that inulin strengthens the immune system, enhances the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, improves digestion and lowers cholesterol.

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