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Drinking Green Tea May Decrease Your Death Risk from Certain Causes

Japanese researchers found that drinking green tea may substantially decrease the risk of death from colorectal cancer and heart disease.

Their findings were published online in the July 2009 issue of the Annals of Epidemiology.

Researchers from Okayama University in Japan recruited 14,000 Japanese residents aged 64-85 for the study.

The participants completed food frequency questionnaires to determine green tea consumption and were then followed for up to 6 years from December 1999 to March 2006.

During the follow-up period 1,224 participants died; 400 from cancer, and 405 from cardiovascular disease.

The researchers found that participants who drank 7 or more cups of green tea per day had a 75% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to people who drank less than 1 cup a day.

They also observed a 31% reduction in death due to colorectal cancer and a 55% reduction in death from any cause.

This study adds to a large body of evidence linking green tea consumption to a number of health benefits.

These various benefits, which range from heart health to digestion to protection from Alzheimer's, are often attributed to naturally occurring antioxidants in tea leaves called polyphenols.

These antioxidants protect our cells from dangerous free radicals and a recent study even found that the cells of regular tea drinkers actually have a younger biological age than non tea drinkers.

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