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Exercise May Curb Your Desire to Eat

If you thought exercising makes you hungrier, think again. A newly released study suggests that 45 minutes of exercise may reduce your desire for food. You're also likely to eat the same amount as you would on a day when you didn't exercise.

Participants in the study included 35 women—17 clinically obese and 18 of “normal” weight. They walked for 45 minutes on a treadmill and then were shown 120 pictures of food and 120 pictures of flowers while an EEG machine recorded their brain activity. The flowers were included to act as a control. The women viewed the same pictures a week later, but without exercising.

Participants recorded what they ate and how they exercised on both the exercise and non-exercise days.

The researchers noted that the women's brains were less responsive to the pictures of food after exercising. They also engaged in more physical activity in general on the exercise day and they did not eat more on the exercise day to cover the extra calories burned.

There was no difference seen between the obese women and the normal weight women.

The study was conducted at Brigham Young University (BYU) and published online ahead of print in the October 2012 issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

It is well known that exercise is essential for good health and previous clinical studies suggest that even moderate exercise can reduce your risk of dying prematurely, help with blood sugar, reduce body weight, improve heart health and improve respiratory health.

Even a brink ten minute walk a day can help. Look for ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine; you'd be surprised how many opportunities there are to get up and get moving.

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