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High Grade Resveratrol May Slow Decline of Alzheimer’s Biomarker

There is no cure yet for Alzheimer’s disease, which attacks some people’s brains as they age. A new study, however, has found that high grade resveratrol given over a long term time period may stabilize a biomarker that goes into decline when Alzheimer’s disease progresses.

Participants in the study included 119 people with mild to moderate dementia as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. They were given either pure, synthetic, pharmaceutical-grade resveratrol that was developed specifically for the study or a placebo.

At the beginning of the study, the participants receiving the high grade resveratrol supplement were given 500 mg once per day. The dosage escalated by 500 mg every 13 weeks until it reached 1,000 mg per day by the end of the study period. The final amount was equivalent to the amount of resveratrol found in 1,000 bottles of red wine.

At the conclusion of the study, the researchers noted that the placebo group had a higher decline of CSF A?40 and plasma A?40 levels than the supplement group. A decline in these biomarkers is associated with the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers cautioned that this is an initial, small study and that more research is needed to determine the effects of high grade resveratrol on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on September 11, 2015, in the journal Neurology.

Previous studies have shown resveratrol to be a powerful antioxidant with health benefits that include increasing energy levels, improving brain health, reducing the appearance of aging, improving metabolism, and improving liver function.

While it’s not yet possible to buy resveratrol at the potency used in this study, you can find it in lower levels in a variety of foods including red wine, grapes, grape seed extract, and peanuts. A glass of red wine a day can provide a good amount of resveratrol, but excess drinking may counter balance the positive health benefits. Another good way to get resveratrol is through a high quality supplement.

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