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In the News - 07-06

Blueberries May Halt Liver Cancer Growth. Researchers from the University of Georgia reported that blueberry antioxidants could be helpful to ward off liver cancer. Their work indicated that antioxidant compounds called “phenolic acids” inhibited HepG2 liver cancer cell growth and induced apoptosis (natural cell death). The most active type of blueberry was the Briteblue followed by the Powederblue. The Tifblue demonstrated the least anti-cancer effects. Researchers have already begun additional studies to confirm their preliminary work. For the meanwhile, the researchers propose that incorporating blueberries into the diet could potentially reduce live cancer risk.

Flavanol Rich Chocolate Shown to Improve Skin Health. Cocoa beverages and food rich in flavanols could thicken (13% improvement) and moisturize skin (28% improvement) while reducing reddening by 25 per cent, say German scientists at the University of Dusselseldorf. This is believed to be the first study using humans to show that ingesting antioxidants can improve the appearance and health of the skin. It is important to note that only participants receiving high doses of flavanol antioxidants from cocoa (326 mg per day) realized these benefits. Those taking low amounts of flavanols (27mg per day) did not result in any benefit to the skin.
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