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Is Mom's Heartburn Relief Causing Asthma in Jr.?

Scientists have found that acid-blocking medications may be harmful in prenatal development. A Harvard study suggests that expectant mothers taking acid-blocking medication during pregnancy may be putting their child at risk of developing asthma.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Medicine and the Children's Hospital in Boston analyzed healthcare registries diagnosing asthma and prescriptions for allergy medication in children. Children whose mothers used acid blockers while pregnant were found to be 50% more likely to develop asthma than those whose mothers did not.

Results were presented at the March 2008 annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

This adds to the growing amount of research showing adverse effects of acid blocking drugs. For older individuals, the medications have been associated with an increased risk of hip fractures, pneumonia and bacterial infection of the esophagus.

Natural alternatives are currently available that promote digestive health without unwanted side-effects. Among the most popular are probiotics and aloe vera.

Source: Late Breaking Abstracts Presented at Scientific Sessions AAAAI Annual Meeting
March14-18, 2008
" Acid Blocking Therapy During Pregnancy Increases the Odds for Childhood Asthma
Authors: E.H. Yen, E. Dehlink, S. Huh, A. Leichtner, E. Fiebiger, E.J. Hait
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