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Kiwifruit May Improve Bowel Health of Healthy People

Previous studies have linked consumption of green kiwifruit with better digestion. A recent study suggests that taking daily supplements containing both green and gold kiwifruit-derived ingredients may increase bowel movements in healthy people.

The supplements used in this study were created by removing the skin and seeds from both New Zealand green and New Zealand gold kiwifruit. The remaining flesh is then cold processed into powder form to be used in supplements.

Participants in the study included 19 healthy and nine functionally constipated people. Over the course of 28 days they were given either 600 mg or 2,400 mg of green kiwifruit supplement, 2,400 mg of gold kiwifruit supplement, or a placebo. Each intervention was followed by a 14-day washout period, after which the participants underwent a different intervention.

At the conclusion of the study, the researchers noted significantly increased bowel movements in the healthy participants who were taking the kiwi supplement, when compared with the washout periods. However, stool form was not affected by the supplements.

No changes were noted in the functionally constipated participants.

Researchers from The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited and the University of Otago conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on April 10, 2015 in Nutrition Research.

Kiwifruit are packed with vitamin C and vitamin K, among other essential nutrients. Consuming these delicious green fruit has been linked with managing blood pressure, boosting immunity, protecting your DNA from damage, and cleaning toxins out of your system.

Kiwi can be eaten on it’s own or added to anything from salads to cakes to ice cream.

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