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Kiwifruit May Improve Digestion and Symptoms of IBS

Eating kiwifruit may help people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) relieve constipation according to a study published in the December issue of Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

IBS is a disorder in which the bowel does not work correctly, resulting in cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and/or constipation. It is not known exactly how many people suffer from IBS in the United States because people with more mild symptoms often do not consult a doctor. However, estimates are in the range of 20-30 million.

Researchers from Taipei Medical University recruited 54 patients diagnosed with IBS marked by constipation and 16 healthy adults to participate in the study.

During a four week intervention the researchers assigned 41 of the IBS patients and all the healthy adults to consume two Hayward green (Actinida deliciosavar) kiwifruits per day. During that same period the remaining 13 IBS patients were given a placebo.

The researchers found that participants given the kiwifruit saw improvements in bowel function, defecation frequency and colon transit time.

These promising results show that kiwifruit may be an effective digestive aid and therefore help relieve some of the symptoms of IBS.

Another effective way to improve digestion is by consuming more probiotics. Probiotics are “good” bacteria found in your gut, and maintaining a healthy level of these good bacteria is essential for digestive health and immune system function.

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