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Larch Bark Extract May Boost Immunity, Lower Cold Risk

There is no cure for the common cold, but there are natural ways to help reduce the risk of developing one. A recent study suggests that taking Larch arabinogalactan supplements may support immune health and help reduce the number of common cold infections.

Researchers from Naturalpha in France examined data from cell, animal, and human studies. The cell and animal studies suggested that larch arabinogalactan may enhance natural killer cells and macrophages.

The human studies suggested that the supplements could have an immunostimulatory effect. One human study found that incidence of cold episodes was reduced by 23% in people who took larch arabinogalactan supplements, compared to those who took a placebo.

The study was published on April 12, 2016, in Nutrition & Metabolism.

Larch trees are a type of evergreen native to the Alps and Russia. Arabinogalactan is made from the bark of the Larch tree. It is a source of dietary fiber that acts as a prebiotic by serving as a food supply to friendly intestinal bacteria. Previous studies have also shown that it may boost the immune system and lessen the severity of cold and flu symptoms.

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