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Loud Noises While You Sleep Can Raise Your Blood Pressure

European researchers have found that nighttime noise can increase your blood pressure even if the noise is not sufficient to wake you.

Scientists measured the blood pressures of 140 sleeping volunteers who live near four major European airports at 15 minute intervals throughout the night.  They also measured noise levels in the volunteer's bedrooms.

The researchers found that a noise louder than 35 decibels caused a noticeable increase in the volunteer's blood pressure.  In fact, the louder the noise, the larger the increase in blood pressure. This occurred even if the volunteer's sleep was not consciously disturbed.

The research was published in the February 12, 2008 edition of the European Heart Journal.

European Heart Journal: February 12, 2008, Acute effects of night-time noise exposure on blood pressure in populations living near airports. Haralabidis AS, Dimakopoulou K, Vigna-Taglianti F, Giampaolo M, Borgini A, Dudley ML, Pershagen G, Bluhm G, Houthuijs D, Babisch W, Velonakis M, Katsouyanni K, Jarup L; for the HYENA Consortium.
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