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Low Levels of Vitamin K2 Linked to Increased Risk of Fracture in Children

Bone fractures are common amongst children, and the number of fractures is growing every year. A recent study suggests that children with low levels of vitamin K2 may be at a higher risk of bone fractures.

Participants in the study included 20 children between the ages of 5 and 15 who had clinically confirmed low-energy fractures and 19 children who did not have fractures. Low energy fractures are those that are the result of falling from standing height or less.The researchers measured blood levels of vitamin D ,calcium, and vitamin K2.

After examining the data, the researchers determined that there was no significant difference in vitamin D and calcium levels between the two groups. However there was a significantly significant difference in vitamin K2 levels. Specifically, the group with fractures had lower vitamin K2 levels than the group with no fractures.

Researchers from Poland conducted the study. It was presented at the 2017 International Conference on Children’s Bone Health in Würzburg, Germany held the week of June 10, 2017.

Previous studies have linked vitamin K2 to bone and cardiovascular health, as well as a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Vitamin K2 can be found in fermented foods such as cheese but can also be found in meat and soybeans. It is also available in supplement form.

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