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Got Milk? It May Improve Cognitive Functioning

Most people don't drink milk once they reach adulthood, as many consider it important for children as they grow but not as essential for adults. However, science may be disproving that assumption, as shown in this study that suggests drinking milk or eating milk products daily could improve cognitive functioning.

The researchers are based at the University of Maine and their findings were published in the January 2012 issue of the International Dairy Journal.

Participants in the study were 972 adults between the ages of 23 and 98 who participated in the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study of cardiovascular disease and cognitive functioning in adults. Between 2001 and 2006 the researchers administered eight brain tests and measured dairy intake via a food frequency questionnaire.

The researchers noted that the individuals in the highest milk and milk products intake group scored 37% higher on average on the mental performance tests than the individuals in the lowest intake group. They noted, however, that more research needs to be conducted to determine the exact effects of different milk products and the ideal amount of consumption.

Milk has been shown in previous studies to be good for your bones and is also an excellent source of vitamin D, protein, calcium and vitamin A. If you want some of the benefits outlined here, the answer is simple: increase the amount of milk and milk products you consume daily.

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