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Minimally Processed Whole Grains Found to Provide Many Health Benefits

Wheat-free diets have surged in popularity in recent years, with many people claiming that a gluten-free lifestyle is the reason they no longer suffer from ailments such as migraines and bad skin. A recent study suggests, however, that whole grains in wheat may actually be beneficial for the majority of people.

For this study, researchers examined studies that looked at the effects of different types of grains on people’s health. They found that consuming minimally processed whole grains increased bone health and helped people maintain a healthy body weight.

The studies the researchers examined also found that whole grains may improve bowel function and help protect against gastrointestinal cancers, inflammation, and other diseases.

When the researchers examined the different types of grains, they found that wheat has the highest protein levels, oats have the highest fat, and rice has the highest carbohydrate. However, the differences between the grains were minimal.

Additionally, the researchers found that increased wealth and economic growth is often associated with an increase in the consumption of highly processed foods, as well as an increase in gastrointestinal issues. They believe this suggests that highly processed foods are to blame for many of the health issues being attributed to wheat. In fact, grains that are minimally processed are rich in dietary fiber, starch, fat, antioxidant nutrients, minerals, vitamins, lignans, and phenolic compounds. These have been associated with a reduced risk in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers.

Researchers from the University of Warwick conducted the study. It was presented at the Food Matters Live conference at the ExCel Centre in London on November 19, 2014.

Whole grains are full of vitamin B, dietary fiber and iron, all of which have been shown to provide numerous health benefits, including reductions in the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory disease. With the increased popularity of these grains, you can find products ranging from spaghetti to sandwich bread that will provide you with all of these benefits without sacrificing taste.

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