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Nutritional Deficiencies May Be Cause of Some Health Issues

Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet usually help improve blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However, some people do not see improvements. A recent study suggests that this may be due to inflammation induced by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Participants in the study included 43 adults.  They were divided into three groups; lean, overweight/obese with less inflammation, and overweight/obese with significant inflammation.  Each group took part in an eight-week clinical trial, during which they were given two nutrient-packed bars to eat daily.

At the conclusion of the study, the researchers found that overweight/obese individuals with less inflammation showed statistically significant improvements in HDL and LDL cholesterol as well as insulin and glucose levels. They also lost an average of 2.4 lbs. despite making no changes to their daily routine beyond the addition of the nutrition bars.

Overweight/obese participants with significant inflammation saw fewer improvements than those with less inflammation. The researchers believe that the chronic levels of inflammation in the participants blunted the effect of the nutrient bars.

Metabolic improvements were also seen in the lean adults, although not to the extent of those seen in the overweight/obese with less inflammation group.

Researchers from Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute and the University of California, Berkeley, conducted the study. It was published in the August 2015 issue of The FASEB Journal.

This study suggests that exercising and eating a healthy diet may not be enough to truly stay healthy. Instead we may need a certain balance of nutrients in order to be at our best physically. If you’re looking to improve your nutrient intake, consider visiting a nutritionist to determine what you’re lacking in your current diet. You can also take supplements to increase your nutrient intake.

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