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Omega-3 Supplementation Shown to Ease Pain of Bed Sores

Bed sores and pressure ulcers occur in critically ill people who cannot leave their beds. A recent study suggests that consuming omega-3s may reduce the pain and discomfort caused by these sores by as much as 25%.

The study also found that omega-3 supplementation resulted in quicker healing of existing pressure ulcers and reduced levels of C-reactive protein, which is associated with inflammation, tissue injury and bacterial infections.

Participants in the study included 40 critically ill individuals. Over the course of three weeks, half of the group ate the regular hospital diet supplemented with 8 grams of omega-3s while the other half ate just the regular hospital diet.

The researchers measured how well the wounds were healing on days 7, 14, and 28 using the Pressure Ulcer Scale. The group that received the omega-3 supplement had significantly less progression of existing pressure ulcers compared to the control group.

The omega-3 group also showed stronger immune systems and lower inflammation throughout the body.

This study was conducted by researchers at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. It was published in the July 2012 issue of American Journal of Critical Care.

Omega-3s have been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved brain health, alleviating arthritis pain, better moods, improved joint mobility, helping with age related macular degeneration, and aiding your immune system.

Because omega-3 fatty-acids are not found naturally in the human body, it is especially important to make sure that they are a part of your daily diet. Oily, dark fish such as tuna and salmon are high in DHA and EPA omega-3s, while ALA omega-3 fatty-acids are plant derived and can be found in flaxseed oil, vegetable oil, and walnuts.

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