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Omega-3s May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Researchers in New Zealand have found a link between omega-3 fatty-acid intake and a reduced risk for heart disease and diabetes for mature adults. The findings were published in Nutrition and Metabolism on August 11, 2011.

The study used mice that were genetically altered to mimic different human body types and metabolic responses. Some of the mice were predisposed to gain weight and some of them were predisposed to a leaner body type.

Both groups were fed omega-3 rich diets for weeks. After the 8 weeks, the researchers measured changes to metabolic responses.

Both groups showed lower cholesterol and improved insulin action and fat metabolism. However, the group that was genetically altered toward obesity did not show as many improvements as the leaner group. The researchers believe that this points to genetic differences which contribute to obesity.

The researchers also noted that the omega-3 diet made the insulin signaling cascade more active. The insulin signaling cascade improves how blood sugar is processed in the body.

Omega-3 fatty-acids are essential to wellbeing, as they have been linked to an impressive number of health benefits. These include improved heart health, alleviating arthritis pain, improved brain functioning, better moods, improved joint mobility, helping with age related macular degeneration, and aiding your immune system.

Because omega-3 fatty-acids are not found naturally in the human body, it is especially important to make sure that they are a part of your daily diet. Oily, dark fish such as tuna and salmon are high in omega-3s but you can also increase your omega-3 intake with a high quality supplement.

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