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Pomegranate Juice May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Every year more than 400,000 women die from breast cancer. New research published in the January 2010 issue of Cancer Prevention Research suggests that natural chemicals in pomegranates may help prevent this devastating disease.

In laboratory tests, researchers with the City of Hope Cancer Research and Treatment Center in California found that phytochemicals in pomegranates called ellagitannins may inhibit the growth of estrogen responsive breast cancer. 75% of breast cancers are estrogen-receptor positive, meaning they are fed by estrogen.

According to the researchers, ellagitannins appeared to slow production of an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase converts androgen to estrogen, which can lead to the growth of breast cancer tumors.

Researchers outside of the study said the results are very promising; however, further studies involving humans and animals need to be done to determine how effective pomegranate juice is as a treatment for breast cancer.

In the meantime, the researchers say people should view pomegranate juice as a healthy addition to your diet and as a good preventative measure, and not just for breast cancer.

Since pomegranates are high in antioxidants (3x more per ounce than green tea or wine) and protective vitamins, research is confirming its ability to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, improve heart health and reduce joint pain.

The science behind the benefits of pomegranate juice is still in the early stages, but as the research grows, more and more health benefits are found to be associated with this antioxidant rich fruit.

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