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This Probiotic May Relieve Skin Sensitivity from the Inside

People suffering from skin sensitivity have symptoms that include feeling heat, burning, stinging, or itching as well as sensitivity to heat, cold, wind, and some chemicals. A recent study suggests that taking a daily supplement of a probiotic may help those individuals by reducing skin sensitivity.

Participants in the study included 64 women with sensitive skin. Over the course of two months, the women took either 10 billion cfu of the probiotic L. paracasei or a placebo once a day.

At the conclusion of the study, the supplement group showed a “clinically significant” reduction in skin sensitivity when compared with the placebo. They also had less dry skin on their legs but the research called this a “trend,” as it did not reach statistical significance.

L paracasei was used in this study because of previous in vitro studies that have shown it to have specific beneficial skin properties. These include a decrease in inflammation of nerve tissue and promotion of skin barrier function recovery.

L. paracasei has also been associated with aiding gut flora and improving digestive system function. It can be found naturally in dairy products or can be consumed in supplement form.

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