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Protein plus Probiotic Linked To Reduced Muscle Damage Post-Workout

Intense workouts can result in muscle damage as the muscles re-form. A recent study suggests that combining protein with the probiotic Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6068 may help with recovery and also reduce markers of muscle damage following excessive exercise.

Participants in the study included 29 men with an average age of 21.5 who were given 20 g of the protein casein per day with or without 1 billion CFUs of Bacillus coagulans for two weeks before an exhaustive exercise session.

After the exercise session, the researchers noted that the protein plus probiotic group had 1.7% increase in performance, compared with an average decline of 5.3% in the casein-only group. They also noted significant increases in recovery at the 24 and 72 hour marks post-exercise in the combined group, compared with the protein-only group. Finally, the researchers noted smaller increases in the muscle damage marker creatine kinase in the combined group than in the casein-only group.

Researchers from The University of Tampa conducted the study. It was published on July 21, 2016, in the journal PeerJ.

Bacillus coagulans is a lactic acid-forming bacterial species within the genus Bacillus. Previous studies suggest that it may help with lowering abdominal pain and bloating in people with irritable bowel syndrome, and boosting immunity in response to viruses. Bacillus coagulans can be taken in supplement form.

Casein can be found in milk and has been linked in previous studies with building muscle and aiding weight loss.

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