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Q&A About Aloe- 07-06

Q:What is the difference between Aloe gel and Aloe juice?

Dr. Perry: First you first need to understand that the scientific terms "juice" and "gel" do not relate to the same terms used in the marketing of aloe products.

Aloe gel is the thin, clear, jellylike material making up the inner portion of the aloe leaves. Surrounding the gel is another layer of the leaf that contains the bitter yellow latex or juice (aka sap). The sap contains a family of compounds called anthraquinones. These compounds are cathartics, meaning they have a strong laxative effect. Some people experience stomach cramping and other related discomfort if they take large quantities of anthraquinones.

So if you heard someone had a side effect from drinking aloe juice, 99% of the time it's because they were drinking the sap not an extract of the gel. Advertisements prepared by writers who do not understand the difference between aloe gel and aloe juice often use the word juice to describe the thin mucilaginous gel. This has created enormous confusion among consumers and may cause some to believe Aloe is not good to ingest.

This of course is absolutely untrue. Aloe is one of the best foods/supplements you can take. And if you purchase Aloe from a reputable company, there is no risk of consuming anthraquinones from the sap. By law, products sold in the United States, including TrueAloe®, are required to filter out the anthraquinones with laxative properties during processing.

The Aloe juice products you see advertised are made from the aloe gel, not the aloe sap. So it's not aloe juice from a traditional scientific perspective. Confusing, but now you understand the difference!

Q:Why do you sell AloeCran as a powder and not sell Aloe juice as a liquid?

Dr. Perry: The quick answer is to give you more potency and save you a lot of money. All Aloe juice you see for sale is made from the dried gel powder. To this powder, manufacturers add water, put it in a bottle and call it "Aloe Juice."

Here is the question: How much water are they adding? The Aloe industry is filled with companies notorious for diluting their product with water to the point where you receive almost no benefit from the Aloe gel.

With AloeCran, we ship you the Aloe gel powder and let you add the water. You know exactly how much Aloe you are getting with every serving. AloeCran is formulated to have twice the potency as aloe gel itself. That is, every 6oz serving of AloeCran has as much potency as 12oz of gel from the plant.

Plus, you save a lot of money, often paying as much as 50% less. We don't have to pay to ship water all around the country. Add in the benefits of the cranberry extract and Fibersol dietary fiber and you have an incredible product and value.
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