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Lentils Spoons Soluble Fiber Healthy BMI

Soluble Fiber May Help with Weight Loss, Lower BMI

While lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet work very well for weight loss, there are ways to help the process. A recent study suggests that taking a soluble fiber complex supplement for 12 weeks may reduce body weight, BMI, and frequency of eating.

Participants in the study included 118 overweight adults who were given one of three interventions: 4.5 grams of soluble fiber in the form of soft gels, 5 grams per day of soluble fiber in granule form, or 5 grams per day of rice flour as a placebo.

At the conclusion of the study, the soluble fiber granules group lost an average of 2.5 cm in waist circumference. They also had a significant reduction in the number of times they ate per day. Additionally, the researchers noted that the people who consumed the recommended dose had significant reductions in weight, BMI, and the number of times per day that they ate.

Researchers from Curtin University, the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Purdue University, Flinders University, Factors Group R & D, InovoBiologic Inc., and the University of British Columbia conducted the study. It was published on February 16, 2017, in Nutrients.

Previous studies have linked fiber consumption with lowering total and LDL cholesterol, regulating blood sugar for people with diabetes and breast cancer prevention.

If you want to increase your soluble fiber intake, a breakfast of oatmeal, apples, berries, and nuts is packed with fiber. Lunch or dinner that includes cucumbers, carrots, celery, lentils, beans, or flaxseed will round out a fiber-rich day. The recommended daily intake of total fiber (soluble and insoluble) is 25 grams per day, which equates to at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily as well as 6 servings of grain products.

If none of those foods appeal to you, there are also supplements which can provide all of your daily fiber intake needs.

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