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Study Shows Grapefruits Lead to Strong Bones

A new study from researchers at Texas A&M University has shown that red grapefruit pulp may improve bone health and help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

The study was published online ahead of the August issue of the journal Nutrition and found that the consumption of red grapefruit pulp slowed bone loss and elevated bone calcium and magnesium levels.

Researchers split 56 rats into two groups, a control group of 14 and a test group of 42. The test group was castrated to cause oxidative stress and simulate the rapid onset of osteoporosis symptoms. This group was then split into three smaller groups, one received no grapefruit pulp, the second received 5% grapefruit pulp and the third received 10% grapefruit pulp.

After 60 days the rats were tested for antioxidant status and bone loss. Bone quality and mineral content were also observed.

Researchers found that the castrated group that had not received grapefruit pulp had lower antioxidant counts, bone quality and bone mineral content than the non-castrated group. Then they looked at the effect of the grapefruit pulp amongst the castrated group.

The two groups that received grapefruit pulp both maintained their antioxidant status, and bone density and saw increased bone calcium and magnesium content.

This was just a preliminary study and more testing needs to be done. However, it demonstrates some of the potential benefits that may results from regular consumption so grapefruit pulp.

Source: Nutrition (Elsevier)
Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2008.05.005
"Grapefruit pulp increases antioxidant status and improves bone quality in orchidectomized rats"
Authors: F. Deyhim, K. Mandadi, B.S. Patil, B. Faraji
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