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Introducing the NatureCity Rewards Club - A New Way for You to Save!

This Supplement Combination May Reduce Negative Effects of Stress

Chronic stress results in overexposure to stress hormones that can disrupt almost all your body’s processes. A recent study suggests that taking 400 mg of soy-based phosphatidylserine (PS) and 400 mg of phosphatidic acid complex (PA) may lower the stress reactions in the nervous systems and hormone glands of extremely stressed men.

Participants in the study included 75 healthy male volunteers with chronic stress levels. Over the course of 42 days they were given either a placebo, 200 mg PS and 200 mg PA or 400 mg PS and 400 mg PA daily. Chronic stress levels were measured with the Trier Inventory for Chronic Stress Test (TSST).

At the conclusion of the study, no significant changes were noted in the 200 mg group. However, the 400 mg group had normalized adrenocorticotropic hormone and lower salivary and serum cortisol responses to the TSST.

Researchers from Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical Research Organization in Germany as well as Lonza, Ltd., in Switzerland conducted the study. It was published on July 31, 2014, in Lipids in Health and Disease.

PS is an essential component of all of our cells membranes, which are essentially the “shells” of our cells. It keeps the cells intact and moves nutrients into them and waste out.

Previous studies suggest that PS may help with declining mental function as well as alleviating depression. Others have found that it may help with thinking ability and improved memory.

PA is often used to increase the effects of strength training as well as improve mental acuity. It is believed that PA enhances the anabolic effects of resistance training.

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