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  • Baby Newborn Sleeping Hat Cute
    December 4, 2018 Emma McGowan

    Omega-3 Supplementation May Reduce Risk of Premature Birth

    Premature babies are at a higher risk of a range of long-term conditions including visual impairment, developmental delay, and learning difficulties. A recent study suggests that increasing intake of long-chain omega-3 fatty-acids during pregnancy may lower the risk of premature...

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  • Fish Oil Pills Health
    August 20, 2018 Emma McGowan

    Omega-3s May Boost Executive Function in Children

    Past research suggests that omega-3s may help boost brain function. A recent study supports that, suggesting that high levels of omega-3s may contribute to better executive function in children. Participants in the study included 307 Ghanaian children. At the beginning...

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  • Football Sport Pass Ball Play
    July 26, 2018 Sarah McGowan-Freije

    Majority of College Football Players are Omega-3 Deficient

    Research suggests that omega-3s may provide protection in the case of traumatic brain injury. However, a recent study suggests that the vast majority of college football players do not potentially protective levels of omega-3s in their blood, despite the very...

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  • Deadlift Gym Powerlifter Weights Strong
    June 6, 2018 Sarah McGowan-Freije

    Omega-3s May Help Exercise Performance

    EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty-acids are primarily found in fish, and are associated with enhanced cardiac and cognitive function. A recent study suggests that taking EPA and DHA at the same time may help exercise performance, specifically endurance and muscle...

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  • Baby Smiling Infant Happy
    April 30, 2018 Emma McGowan

    Omega-3s May Improve Vision, Development in Babies

    A recent study suggests that supplementing the diets of both mothers and infants with omega-3 fatty acids may improve vision as well as mental and psychomotor development. For their analysis, researchers examined data from 38 trials that included mothers, preterm...

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