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Vitamin Cocktail May Slow Aging

Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada recently developed a cocktail made of 30 vitamins, minerals and herbs that may slow the aging process.

Their findings were published in the February 2010 issue of the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine.

For the study the researchers divided mice into two groups. One group was given a normal diet and the other group was given the same diet plus a cocktail of dietary supplements.

As the mice aged, the researchers compared the groups using a highly reliable biomarker for aging and mortality risk called Bradykinesis (declining physical movement)

The researchers found that mice given the dietary supplement cocktail had on average 50% more daily movement as they aged.

The researchers also found higher levels of brain chemicals that are associated with memory and learning and maintaining energy balance.

These findings may lead to more effective dietary supplements that can target numerous aspects of the aging process.

Current multivitamins, which are less robust than the cocktail used in this study, also seem to have some potential for lowering mortality risk and slowing the aging process. Beyond a healthy diet, two of the best ways to feel and look young as you age are by exercising regularly and partaking in social activities.

The cocktail used in the experiment contained the following ingredients:

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D and E

Folic acid





Ginko biloba


Green tea extract

Ginger root extract







Chromium picolinate

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