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Vitamin D Bone Health Benefits Highlighted Once Again

A recent study adds even more evidence to back the necessity of maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D as you age. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota and published in the December 2010 issue of the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism.

The study sought to look deeper into the relationship between vitamin D and frailty as we age. It included 4,500 women at least 69 years of age, none of whom were frail at the beginning of the study.

When the researchers followed the women for 4.5 years they found that women with low levels of vitamin D at the start of the study had a significant increase in both frailty and mortality. They also found that very high levels of vitamin D increased the risk of frailty as well.

This study adds yet another layer to the large body of science showing that maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D is essential for overall health.

Much of this science has been in relation to bone health but more and more research is showing that vitamin D is also important for avoiding a large list of health problems including muscle weakness, common cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Approximately 1 billion people are vitamin D deficient worldwide and since our body becomes less efficient at synthesizing the vitamin as we age, those rates are only expected to increase as the global population ages. For this reason, taking a supplement or eating more foods fortified with vitamin D is a good idea. Some foods that are often fortified with vitamin D are yogurt, milk, orange juice, cereals and margarine

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