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Walking Reduces Risk of Mobility Limitations in Arthritic Knees

Osteoarthritis of the knee causes a great deal of joint pain and makes mobility difficult. A recent study suggests that walking at least 6,000 steps per day may help protect people who are at risk of or who have already developed knee osteoarthritis.

Participants in the study included 1,788 people with a mean age of 67 who took part in the Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study. The researchers tracked the steps the participants took for two years and found that each additional 1,000 steps per day was associated with a 16% to 18% reduction in functional limitation.

They also determined that 6,000 steps was the ideal number to minimize the risk of reduced mobility in people with knee osteoarthritis.

The researchers recommend that people with knee osteoarthritis start by walking at least 3,000 steps per day and work up to 6,000. A mile is approximately 2,000 steps.

Researchers from Boston University conducted the study. It was published online ahead of print on June 12, 2014, in Arthritis Care & Research.

Osteoporosis affects 4 times as many women as men, however it can affect either gender. In addition to the exercise examined here, soy isoflavone genistein, omega-3 essential fatty-acids, and vitamin D3, vitamins K1 and K2 and ashwaganda extract have been shown to improve bone health. All of these nutrients are difficult to obtain through diet alone but a daily high quality supplement can boost your blood levels.

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