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Workout and Protect Your Muscles With CoQ10

Researchers from the University of Granada in Spain have released a study showing that taking CoQ10 supplements may reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and prevent the muscle damage that can result from strenuous exercise.

CoQ10 is a coenzyme that produces chemical energy in the body's cells.

The findings were published in the European Journal of Nutrition online ahead of print on October 12, 2011.

The study included 20 runners who were participating in a 50 kilometer race across the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the highest road in Europe. Two days before the run, ten of the runners consumed one 30 mg capsule of CoQ10. They took three more capsules the day before the run and one additional capsule one hour before starting. The other ten runners consumed the same number of placebo capsules at the same times.

At the conclusion of the race, the placebo group showed a 100% increase in 8-OHdG, which is a marker of oxidative stress and DNA damage. The oxidative stress markers in the CoQ10 group increased only 37.5% and showed fewer pro-inflammatory markers.

The CoQ10 group also had lower levels of creatinine in their urine. High levels of creatinine can be a sign of kidney damage or muscle breakdown

CoQ10 has been linked with numerous health benefits, including but not limited to reducing inflammation, improving blood vessel function and reducing the risk of death from heart disease, reducing the risk of gum disease and lowering cholesterol. This is largely due to its powerful antioxidant and cell protection properties.

If you want to increase your CoQ10 intake, try adding oily fish, organ meats (such as liver, hearts, etc.), and whole grains. If these foods aren’t a part of your current diet, consider a high quality, high potency supplement. This is especially important because after the age of 20 our bodies are less and less capable of naturally synthesizing this essential nutrient.

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