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Hair, Nails, & Skin

Features Cynatine® HNS, a biologically active source of keratin protein, plant based biotin (from sesbania) and plant based silica (silicon) from organic bamboo shoots.
  • Helps improve hair strength, reduce breakage and increase shine
  • Helps decrease nail breakage and improve nail appearance
  • Helps increase skin moisture, elasticity and appearance
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Help Improve the Appearance of Hair, Nails and Skin 

TrueHNS™ features Cynatine® HNS, a biologically active source of keratin protein. Keratin protein plays an especially important structural role in hair, nails and skin. Much of the strength of keratin comes from the amino acid cysteine, which is a large component of keratin.

Keratin is also naturally rich in sulfur which combines with the amino acids to function as an antioxidant and help maintain normal levels of inflammation (Cynatine® HNS has also been shown to help joints and muscles).

Prior to Cynatine® HNS, the keratin used in supplements was typically a by-product of the meat processing industry which produces a keratin protein that’s biologically inactive and can’t be readily broken down and used by the body.

The introduction of Cynatine® HNS changed this, thanks to a revolutionary technology that gently solubizes keratin obtained from New Zealand sheep’s wool, and maintains its bioactivity.

Here’s how Cynatine® HNS may help you:
TrueHNS - Keratin, Biotin and Bamboo Silica  

    In addition, TrueHNS™ is formulated with Orgen-Bio™ organic biotin which comes from the sesbania plant. Among other things, biotin supports the formation of keratin protein in the body.

    Plus, TrueHNS™ contains an organic bamboo extract that is 75% silica. In addition to strengthening brittle hair and nails, silica helps increase collagen production which is necessary for healthy looking skin.

    Cynatine® HNS: A Bioactive Keratin Protein that Works


    Given the important role of keratin in maintaining strong and attractive looking hair, nails and skin, taking a keratin protein supplement has been of great interest.

    Unfortunately, until recently, taking keratin as a supplement was worthless because it couldn’t be broken down or used by your body.

    You may have seen keratin ingredients before, but these were by-products of the meat processing industry which produces a keratin protein that’s biologically inactive. This is due to industrial processes that include high temperatures and acids.

    As a result, this inactive keratin protein is of no practical use inside the human body. At best, it can be used in topical cosmetic and skin care products.

    This has changed thanks to a revolutionary technology that gently solubizes keratin obtained from New Zealand sheep’s wool, and maintains its bioactivity.

    The end result is a natural soluble keratin protein called Cynatine® HNS.

    With Cynatine® HNS you have a natural keratin ingredient that is safe, can be digested by your body, and remains bioavailable.

    Cynatine® HNS is made from keratin extracted from premium quality pure New Zealand wool. The wool comes from carefully chosen farmers located in the Canterbury area of New Zealand that provide complete traceability.

    Sheep farmed on New Zealand’s unspoiled high country grow a thick fleece of wool to protect themselves from the harsh winter. This wool is harvested during spring by shearing, which is like a haircut using electronic clippers.

    Once they have been shorn, the animals return to the fields to continue grazing and raising their young, free of their heavy fleece during the long, hot summer. The fleece grows back in fall, ready for the coming winter.

    No animals are harmed at any stage of the wool harvesting process.

    Biotin and Silicon from Plants, Not Chemicals

    Orgenetics logo

    TrueHNS™ is formulated with an organic biotin – which comes from the sesbania plant – and organic bamboo extract that is 75% silica (silicon).

    Since these are “whole food based” nutrients, it's believed they may be more bioavailable than the synthetic biotin found in most other products.

    Both of these ingredients are supplied by Orgenetics®, Inc., which was founded in 2007 by Dr. Jit Maheshvari (who has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry) on the principle that not all vitamins are equal.

    Instead, he introduced a much healthier option to the industry and the world: 100% USDA Certified Organic vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

    This goal was made possible thanks to a new patent pending water extraction process invented by Orgenetics® and its partners. It gave the company the ability to extract a concentrated form of all-natural and 100% organic vitamins from various fruits and vegetables along with existing co-nutrients of the same botanicals – similar to what you consume from food.

    Only water is used during this extraction process – there’s no solvents excipients or carriers. Absolutely no synthetics or additives are used, and nothing is fermented.

    Since its founding, Orgenetics® has received many accolades and awards for continuing to innovate through a dedicated research program and maintaining an exceptionally high quality for organic ingredients.

    And today, Orgenetics® offers a fully vertically integrated organic solution, from organic farm to ingredient.

    Along with the vitamins and some key minerals, you get many co-factors (such as enzymes, bioflavonoids and antioxidants) naturally found in foods which your body is used to ingesting.

    All of the foods used by Orgenetics® are grown on a USDA certified organic 400 acre farm in India.

    This farm does things the old fashioned way. You won’t find any chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs here.

    Instead of harmful chemicals, the farmers use methods like composting, crop rotation and inter-planting to control weeds and pests, replenish the soil and sustain the health of the environment.

    This farm meets or exceeds all of the organic farming standards set by both the USDA National Organic Program and the European Union Organic Program. It is also certified Kosher.

    What’s more, Orgenetics® adopted a cGMP standard far ahead of the guidelines proposed to the industry by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, Orgenetics® has been asked to be part of creating analytical methods for the Indian Herbal Pharmacopeia by the Indian Food and Drug Administration.

    To support quality control (QC), the company has built an in-house laboratory, which is furnished with state of the art equipment.

    QC managers assure that quality standards are met at various steps of the manufacturing process. Prior to an ingredient being released, final checks using the following tests are performed:

    1. Assay of standard by HPLC, HPTLC and/or GC.
    2. Physical parameters like color, taste, identification, particle size, solubility etc.
    3. Impurities check for heavy metals, organic volatile impurities, fertilizer and pesticides, organic solvents and related substances.
    4. Microbiological counts for total plates, E. coli, S. aureus, P. aseudomonas, yeast and molds.

    This commitment to quality and innovation makes Orgenetics® the perfect partner for TrueHNS™. Instead of man-made vitamins created in some lab, you get pure, organic whole food vitamins with co-factor nutrients for optimized health.

    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Servings per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Biotin (from Sesbania extract) (Orgen-Bio®) 1,000 mcg 3,333%
    Cynatine® HNS (soluble keratin) 500 mg *
    Organic bamboo extract (75% natural silica) (Orgen-Si®) 20 mg *
    * Daily value not established.
    Other ingredients: Hypromellose, rice flour and stearic acid.
    Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the TrueHNS - Keratin, Biotin and Bamboo Silica.

    Inventory Last Updated: Mar 02, 2024