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Never Let Your Bones Hold You Back

Good for Your Taste Buds, Tummy and Tush!

  • Balances stomach acid to help calm your stomach
  • Helps with occasional heartburn and indigestion
  • Improves regularity – without causing “the runs”
  • Promotes “good” bacteria in intestines and supports vitamin absorption
  • Supports urinary tract health

Over 38 Million Glasses Enjoyed!

Give Your Body that "Extra Push"... Without Caffeine, Sugar, or Other Stimulants!

Delicious, sugar-free and nutritious drink powder featuring:

5 ways TrueNOx helps you get the most from exercise…

  • Aloe vera Gel Powder from ACTIValoe® - USDA Certified Organic
  • Dietary Fiber from Non-GMO Fibersol-2® - 5 grams of soluble fiber per glass
  • Whole Cranberry Powder from PACran - Not just the juice – flesh, skin and seed too
  • Help energize your body with “clean” natural energy
  • “Stay in the Zone” and focused during workout
  • Help resist fatigue and finish workout strong
  • Promote lean muscle, strength and endurance
  • Help your body recover for the next workout

AloeCran has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no gluten, no GMOs, and no fat! Vegan, Keto and Paleo Friendly!

Digestion Has Never Been This Easy and Tasted So Good... and That’s Not All!

Delight your body with AloeCran
and it can help you…

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and digest carbs more efficiently
  • Maintain normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Support a healthy inflammation response and immune system

Here's How AloeCran!
is Helping Others

I Love It!”

“I love it! makes me feel good and have energy without the crash of caffeine drinks”

– Nicole S.
Verified Purchaser

It is Great Stuff!”

“I will use this product forever! I always put a scoop in my smoothies, and protein drinks, and I carry the small packets in my purse for on the go - it helps in keeping my blood sugar level if I eat too many Carbs- Tastes great!”

– Linda O.
Verified Purchaser

Helps Me Stay Regular”

“Have used AloeCran 1-2 times per day. Helps me stay regular, and helps me maintain healthy cholesterol. Will continue ordering six cannisters at a time.”

– Hope N.
Verified Purchaser  Individual results may vary.

Ordered for My Mom”

“Ordered AloeCran for my mom. She uses it as a tasty fiber supplement. She seems happy with it and hopefully it will last a few months since we ordered a 3 pack. Thanks.”

– Samantha P.
Verified Purchaser

“Fast Shipping and a Great Product!”

“Fast shipping. Great product. I like the way you explain about the ingredients and list the doses and milligrams. Your powdered drinks are delicious and nutritious.”

– Marian C.
Verified Purchaser

It Helps Me So Much!”

“Tastes wonderful, easy to mix. Keeps my entire digestive system humming along, really helps me with heartburn."

– Gary H.
Verified Purchaser     Individual results may vary.

I Mix It with My OJ Each Morning, Tastes Great!”

“I have used Aloe Cran for several years now and I love it. I mix it with my OJ each morning. Tastes great! Thank you!”

– Sue H.
Verified Purchaser

AloeCran Has Been Such a Big Help!”

“My daughter has been struggling to stay regular for a couple of years. AloeCran has been a big help! I am so very thankful for this product as it's a big answer to prayer as we searched to help her! We recommend AloeCran to everybody!!"

– Stephanie T.
Verified Purchaser

Doing Great and Feeling Great!!!”

“Seems to help with blood sugar and digestion. Which is good for me."

– Charles E.
Verified Purchaser       Individual results may vary.

10 for $10 Deal

Try it Risk Free Today!

Delicious, Sugar-Free Drink Mix Gives You “Beginning to End” Digestion Support… and Much More!

Add a stick of AloeCran to water and drink to your health! Also can be combined with other drink mixes or smoothies – you’re in charge!

    TrueOsteo is a serious supplement for people who are serious about their bone health.

    If you were to purchase the 5 key ingredients in TrueOsteo separately – at the same potency as TrueOsteo – it would cost you about $97.22 each month.

    You can look it up like we did!

    Taking 750mg of calcium of AlgaeCal, 25mcg (1,000 IU) of plant based vitamin D3, 180mcg of MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2, 250mg of Sensoril Ashwagandha and 20mg of Organic Bamboo Extract (Natural Silica) could cost nearly $100 a month.

    1. By packaging all of these ingredients together, we can offer a single bottle for just $49.97... that's about a 50% savings.
    2. Better yet, our 6 bottle Best Value Deal includes a FREE 7th bottle, and this reduces your bottle cost to just $35.44, or only $1.18 a day!

    You can’t beat this TrueOsteo deal! And if you find a lower price on the ingredients and serving amounts listed above, WE'LL MATCH IT!

    Our Commitment to You!

         Our names are Beth and Carl Pradelli, and we founded NatureCity almost 20 years ago.

            One of our very first products was AloeCran – and we’re proud that NatureCity customers have enjoyed about 38 million glasses over the years.

            So what inspired us to make the AloeCran drink mix?

            Like many other folks, we were excited about the well-known health benefits of Aloe drinks, which are made from the “juice” of Aloe vera gel.

            However, when we started to look closely at the Aloe vera drinks being sold, we were alarmed at how other companies were making their products. For example…

    • Many Aloe drinks are so watered down, they’re just expensive water.
    • They’re made with Aloe vera that was exposed to high heat during processing, which destroys beneficial Aloe nutrients.
    • Sugar or artificial sweeteners are added to make the drink taste good
    • Chemical preservatives are added to extend shelf life
    • The Aloe vera is mixed with “fillers” like starch and not always 100% pure


    We would never think of doing that to you!

            Starting from scratch, we worked to create a product that addresses all of these concerns... which is what you get (and more!) with AloeCran.

            Each scoop of AloeCran contains organic Aloe vera gel powder made from about 1.3 ounces of fresh Aloe vera gel.

            As important, precious Aloe nutrients are protected after harvesting using the patented Qmatrix® technology – so you can be confident potency is retained.

            Better yet, the purity and content of the Aloe vera in AloeCran was certified by the independent International Aloe Sciences Counsel (IASC).

            Instead of added sugar, AloeCran gives you 5 grams of valuable dietary fiber in each glass, plus the added antioxidant support from whole cranberry powder.

            Finally, since it’s a dry powder, AloeCran is free of preservatives.

                Both of us have been drinking and enjoying AloeCran for nearly 20 years, and we’re so confident that you’re going to love AloeCran, we’re willing to give you an unheard of full one year guarantee on your order!

                Take advantage of today’s special savings, so we can have AloeCran delivered to your doorstep right away!


        Beth and Carl Pradelli, Co-Founders

    Our Commitment to You!

        My wife Beth and I both left successful careers in fields completely unrelated to nutritional supplements to start NatureCity® almost 20 years ago.

         Why did we do this? One, we were early to recognize the important role supplements were going to play in the future of health and wellness, and two…as supplement users ourselves, we found shopping for supplements frustrating and at times confusing, and felt there had to be many others feeling the same way.

        Over dinner, starting with a blank sheet of paper, we wrote down our dream vision for NatureCity®, and the four ironclad commitments that still drive the business today….

    Premium Product – formulas driven by scientific evidence, containing the same ingredients shown to be beneficial in published research.

    Transparency – the source and provider of each key ingredient is clearly spelled out, and ingredient amounts aren’t hidden in the secrecy of so-called “proprietary blends.”

    Client Service – maintain a compassionate and helpful team authorized to maximize satisfaction in every conversation.

    "Friends and Family" Pricing – through our Club Membership, you receive “friends and family” pricing, which is the absolute best savings we offer.

        These client-first commitments have helped NatureCity® maintain its family business roots as it has grown to serve the health and wellness needs of tens of thousands of Americans each year.

        Beth and I are still in the office every day to make sure folks like you – our extended family – are served to the best of our ability!

        We’d like you to be the next client to benefit from our 20 years of experience and enjoy unconditional client support from our dedicated NatureCity® product specialists.

        Yours for Good Health,
        Carl Pradelli

    Here’s More on the Specially Selected Ingredients You Get in AloeCran:

    The organic ACTIValoe® in AloeCran™ helps you get the most from a plant that has survived and thrived on Earth for over 3,000 years.

    ACTIValoe® is made with the patented Qmartix® method, which gently removes water from
a fresh Aloe leaf while protecting heat sensitive Aloe nutrients and helping maintain freshness. Some of the specific benefits you may experience by supplementing with Aloe vera include…

    • Helps balance stomach acid, promote stomach comfort and relieve occasional heartburn
    • Helps support healthy digestion
    • Helps improve vitamin absorption and bioavailability.
    • Helps you maintain normal blood sugar levels
    • Helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels (triglyceride, LDL and HDL levels)

    Instead of added sugar, with AloeCran  you get 5 grams of beneficial soluble fiber from NonGMO Fibersol®-2, which comes from corn.

    Unlike other fiber supplements, Fibersol®-2 slowly ferments in your large intestine, so you don’t have to worry about Fibersol®-2 causing gas or bloating.

    Non-GMO Fibersol®-2 is a “clean” and pure soluble fiber and won’t interfere with calcium or mineral absorption.

    Over 100 scientific studies and research provide support for its health properties:

    • Helps improve regularity and elimination – without causing “the runs”
    • Helps increase movement of waste in intestines
    • Helps promote prebiotic, “good” bacteria activity in intestines
    • Helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels
    • Helps support blood sugar health by reducing the post-meal blood sugar spike

    Plus, no chalky aftertaste! 

    PACran® is an all natural 100% cranberry fruit powder - made from every part of the cranberry – the juice, flesh, skin and seeds.
    Made from 100 year old Early Black cranberry bogs in Massachusetts, which naturally contain up to two times the amount of cranberry PACs – the key cranberry antioxidant.

    PACran® is the first cranberry ingredient with research to support both urinary tract and prostate health!

    AloeCran Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How many TrueOsteo capsules do I take?

    A: Each serving of TrueOsteo contains two (2) capsules, and we recommend taking two (2) servings per day: one in the morning and one in the evening, or four (4) capsules total per day. Each bottle of TrueOsteo contains 120 capsules, which is intended to be a 30 supply, unless your physician directs you to use the product differently.

    Q: Can I see the Supplement Facts panel?

    Q: I have trouble swallowing pills. Are the pills hard to take?

    A:  To make the capsules easier to swallow, TrueOsteo comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule of about ¾ inch long. It is not a hard tablet that can get stuck in your throat.

    But if you’re still concerned about swallowing the capsules, simply pull the capsule apart and sprinkle the powder on foods for even easier consumption.

    The powder is tasteless and odorless, so it leaves no discernible aftertaste.

    Q: I noticed that the AlgaeCal in TrueOsteo contains strontium, what is that?

    A: Strontium is a mineral that supports the building and maintenance of healthy bones. Strontium is naturally found in the AlgaeCal powder – along with many other minerals. When taking the recommended 2 servings of TrueOsteo daily, you consume 2,570mg of AlgaeCal, which naturally provides about 6mg of strontium. This amount is consistent with normal human intake of strontium.

    Q: How many bottles should I order?

    A:  To save the most on TrueOsteo, we recommend the Best Value Deal that lowers your per day cost to just $1.18 (including a Free Bottle). Your purchase is backed by our 1 Year Money Back Guarantee, so if not satisfied with your purchase after you begin using TrueOsteo, you can return it any time over the next 365 days. So it makes sense to stock up and save the most.

    Remember: you’re completely covered for 1 year on every bottle of TrueOsteo. So, you’re never at any risk during these first six months – in fact we recommend getting 12 bottles today.

    Q: When will I receive my order?

    A: Our fulfillment team will ship your order from our Florida facility within 1 business day. Most orders take 3-5 days on average to arrive once shipped, depending on your location. We will email you the tracking information when the order ships, and we’re here for you by phone 24/7 (800-593-2563) if you have any questions.


    USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and remain committed to delivering your order in a timely manner.

    Q: Is TrueOsteo checked for iodine levels, and if so what are they typically?

    A: As a product of the saltwater sea, the AlgaeCal in TrueOsteo has small amount of iodine. In the normal daily intake of TrueOsteo (4 capsules), we calculate there is less than 1mg of iodine.

    Q: When I think of silica, I think of sand or glass, why would I want to take that?

    A: Silicon or silica is most commonly known for its use in the manufacture of glass and electronic devices. However, it’s also an important nutrient inside humans, and integral for skin, hair, nail, bone and artery health. Silicon is widely present in soil in the form of inorganic silica (used to make industrial products). Plants can absorb the inorganic silica from the soil and transform it into organic silica – which your body can digest and use.

    One of the foods with the highest organic silica content is bamboo shoots, a popular food in Asia and India. Bamboo shoots are believed to be a key reason why locals in these areas have a much higher silicon intake than those of us in the USA. TrueOsteo contains a certified organic bamboo extract that helps supplement your silicon intake from diet.

    Your Order Comes With a Full
    1-Year Money Back Guarantee

    That’s right. If you’re not satisfied with AloeCran, you get all of your money back.

        This guarantee is good not just for 30 days... not just for 60 days... you get a full money back guarantee for 365 days! Yes, you can try AloeCran for an entire year without risking a single penny.

        We can offer this guarantee because we are so confident in the quality of AloeCran, and are willing to bet that like thousands of other Americans, you will love it too.

        With a Full 1-Year Money Back Guarantee, it makes sense to choose our Best Value Deal and maximize your savings!

    Act today while this Special First Time Client Offer lasts…

    Get Your AloeCran Today!

    Regular Price: $14.97
    10 Packets in a Box

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    1 Year Guarantee

    With 20 Years of Experience, NatureCity creates quality nutritional supplements that put science and nature to work for you. All purchases come with a ONE YEAR 100% money back guarantee.

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