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How Can a Plant
that’s Survived for
3,000 Years on Earth
Help YOU Live Better?

How Can a Plant that’s Survived for 3,000 Years on Earth Help YOU Live Better?

One of nature’s original “Superfoods”, Aloe vera isn’t just for use on the skin. Inside the body, the nutrient rich powder from this plant can help you with many health challenges of aging...

What Makes
Aloe vera
so Powerful?

    When first introduced to Aloe vera, some folks are skeptical that one plant can help their health in so many ways. However, Aloe vera is not your ordinary, garden-variety plant.

     Its unique biological complexity naturally provides the following functions in your body that can help support your health in many ways:

The Gold Standard in Aloe vera Capsules

Pollution-free environment ideal for growing organic Aloe vera

Volcanic ash soil is rich in minerals Aloe vera loves!

Plants are irrigated by mountain spring water

Goats do the weeding - no chemicals here!

Aloe leaves are hand-harvested at peak potency

    To give clients the best Aloe vera supplement possible, back in 2008, NatureCity® teamed up with the distinguished medical doctor, Ivan E. Danhof, Ph.D, M.D., who is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on Aloe vera.

In the late 1970s, Dr. Danhof was the first to identify the various nutritional components in Aloe vera…hence why some peers call him one of “Aloe’s true pioneers.”

    He spent much of next 40 years studying the Aloe vera plant and its benefits (until his wife finally convinced him to retire in 2018 at age 90!).

    For the last 12 years, we’ve partnered Dr. Danhof and used his patented method for maximizing the potency of Aloe vera powder in a capsule – so folks like you can get the most from this remarkable plant.

    This product is called TrueAloe™, which is the English translation of the Latin "Aloe vera".

Here’s why TrueAloe is as good as it gets…

  • TrueAloe contains only certified organic Aloe vera grown in ideal pollution and chemical free conditions.
  • TrueAloe’s potency is maximized using a patented method developed over decades by Dr. Danhof.
  • Each batch of TrueAloe is analyzed by Dr. Danhof’s lab to ensure purity and potency before it gets bottled and delivered to our clients.
  • TrueAloe has been certified with the seal of approval by the independent International Aloe Science Council (IASC) validating its Aloe content and purity.
  • TrueAloe is bottled and further tested at a premier facility in New Jersey certified for quality by NSF International.

Here's how TrueAloe is Helping Others...

“Thank you TrueAloe!”

“I needed help with occasional heartburn and have been looking for a natural product that can help. TrueAloe has been the answer! TrueAloe has made a significant difference and I recommend it to anyone else needing help. Thank you, NatureCity and TrueAloe!”

– Colleen D.
Verified Purchaser

“TrueAloe is the Best”

“I take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night. TrueAloe really helps me with joint health. I won’t be without TrueAloe!”

– Joyce S.
Verified Purchaser

“I love NatureCity and TrueAloe!”

“I have loved NatureCity since my first order. TrueAloe has helped me with joint and digestive health. Doctor is happy.”

– Rose Z.
Verified Purchaser

“TrueAloe Enriches Health!”

“I feel so much better in my all around health, even my joints. TrueAloe also works well for promoting healthy digestion, skin and maintaining healthy cholesterol.”

– Thomas S.
Verified Purchaser

“Nothing Else Works Better!”

“I have been using TrueAloe for the past 12 years to help my joints and I’ve found nothing else that works better. I’ve tried other natural products but always have to keep going back to TrueAloe. I have recommended it to many others too. It’s simply the best.”

– Judith A.
Verified Purchaser

“Customer for life!”

“I love my TrueAloe! Been taking it for 10 years. Helps my digestion and joints.. I could really tell a difference when I stopped taking it for awhile!”

– Emma B.
Verified Purchaser

“I’ve been taking it for digestive health for 10 years”

“TrueAloe capsules are small and easy to swallow. Have been using this product for 10 years. A healthy digestive tract is just one of the reasons I take this supplement, but an important one. Highly recommend”

– L. P.
Verified Purchaser

“It does help with occasional heartburn”

“I take two TrueAloe capsules each day, normally after a lunch and then dinner. The Aloe does help with occasional heartburn and also aids in elimination. Wouldn’t want to be without TrueAloe!”

– John P.
Verified Purchaser

“TrueAloe is helping my joint function”

“I feel TrueAloe is helping me keep inflammation in a more normal range.
I give it five stars!"

– Cherlyn L.
Verified Purchaser

Individual results may vary.

Our Commitment to You!

    My wife Beth and I both left successful careers in fields completely unrelated to nutritional supplements to start NatureCity® almost 20 years ago.

     Why did we do this? One, we were early to recognize the important role supplements were going to play in the future of health and wellness, and two…as supplement users ourselves, we found shopping for supplements frustrating and at times confusing, and felt there had to many others feeling the same way.

    Over dinner, starting with a blank sheet of paper, we wrote down our dream vision for NatureCity®, and the four ironclad commitments that still drive the business today….

Premium Product – formulas driven by scientific evidence, containing the same ingredients shown to be beneficial in published research.

Transparency – the source and provider of each key ingredient is clearly spelled out, and ingredient amounts aren’t hidden in the secrecy of so-called “proprietary blends.”

Client Service – maintain a compassionate and helpful team authorized to maximize satisfaction in every conversation.

"Friends and Family" Pricing – through our Club Membership, you receive “friends and family” pricing, which is the absolute best savings we offer.

    These client-first commitments have helped NatureCity® maintain its family business roots as it has grown to serve the health and wellness needs of tens of thousands of Americans each year.

    Beth and I are still in the office every day to make sure folks like you – our extended family – are served to the best of our ability!

    We’d like you to be the next client to benefit from our 20 years of experience and enjoy unconditional client support from our dedicated NatureCity® product specialists.

     Yours for Good Health,

    Carl Pradelli

10 Reasons Why the
Aloe vera in TrueAloe is Better

Dr. Danhof’s team personally considered over 50 locations before discovering the perfect location outside the small town of Jaumave, Mexico.
The farm has ideal growing conditions: the soil is rich in volcanic ash and irrigated by pure, clean rainwater and mountain springs.
The soil has not been touched by pesticides or herbicides. Geese eat the bugs and goats weed. It easily met USDA organic standards.
Only 3-year old plants are harvested — at their peak potency
The leaves are hand harvested, retaining the inner gel and desirable parts of the outer leaf, and reach the processing plant in under 3 hours.
Dr. Danhof’s patented freeze-drying method ensures the enzymes, nutrients and polysaccharides remain intact and potent.
No fillers are ever used!
Anthraquinone compounds, an unpleasant laxative, are excluded by this patented method.
Each TrueAloe™ capsule contains only TrueAloe™ powder – no other ingredients are used!
TrueAloe™ is certified organic by QAI and certified for purity and content by the IASC.

"Low Price" doesn't always
mean best value!

Not Only a Great Product, but a Great Value Too!

    You’ve seen the great care taken from “farm to bottle” to ensure we are giving you the highest quality Aloe vera product possible.

    We haven’t yet shared with you the extraordinary amount of potency packed into a bottle of TrueAloe™, which if used as suggested, represents a one month supply of capsules.

    The fact is it takes about 10 pounds of fresh, organic Aloe vera leaves just to make a single bottle of TrueAloe™.

    That’s a lot more than you will find in other Aloe vera capsule products – as we’ll explain in a moment – and at just $24.97 for a single bottle of TrueAloe™, makes it an incredible bargain.

    We’re sometimes asked… “I see bottles of Aloe vera in the store priced a lot less, why is TrueAloe™ priced higher?”

    The accompanying chart provides a definitive answer…when you consider the amount of Aloe vera in the bottle, TrueAloe™ is far and away the best value!

    And this ignores the superior features of TrueAloe™ like…

    …that fact it’s made with USDA certified organic Aloe vera, is certified for purity and content by the independent IASC, or that TrueAloe™ is made using Dr. Danhof’s patented method to help maximize potency.

    Still, when you compare TrueAloe™ other leading brands and consider the amount of Aloe vera in the bottle, TrueAloe™ is clearly the best value – priced 20% less than closest competitor (just $5.20 per kilo of Aloe vera for TrueAloe™, compared to $6.53/kilo).

    But today, you can try TrueAloe™ and save even more with this special introductory offer…

TrueAloe™ Best Value Deal!
Claim $71.71 in Savings and Free Gifts

    We’d like you to give TrueAloe™ a true chance. The best way to do that is to use it every day. Our best deal saves you tons of money.

    You’ll get:

  • 6 bottles of TrueAloe™ regularly $149.82 for just $123.97 (only $20.66 a bottle)
  • 1 bottle of TrueAloe™, a $24.97 value, FREE!
  • 2 bottles of our popular topical pain relief roll-on TruePR, normally $13.94, yours FREE!
  • FREE Shipping! That’s another $6.95 of savings

    7 bottles of TrueAloe™ plus 2 bottles of TruePR™ plus shipping would normally cost
$195.68, but with our Best Value Deal, you pay only $123.97, that’s a $71.71 savings!

    It’s definitely the way to go, and you don’t risk a single penny…

Fast Acting Pain Relief for Arthritis and Sore Muscles!

  • Fast acting roll-on formula penetrates deep into your skin
  • FDA approved ingredients to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains associated with arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, sprains and bruises.
"Relieved the pain"
"This is a great product. It relieved the pain I had in my foot and you don’t smell like a medicine cabinet"
Helen Z., Rincon, GA

Your Order Comes With a Full
One Year Money Back Guarantee

    That’s right. If you’re not satisfied with TrueAloe™, you get all of your money back.

    This guarantee is not good for just 30 days…or even 60 days... you get a full guarantee for 365 days! Yes, you can try TrueAloe™ for an entire year without risking a single penny.

    We can offer this guarantee because we are so confident in the quality of TrueAloe™, and are willing to bet that like tens of thousands of other Americans, you will love it too.

    With a Full One Year Money Back Guarantee, it makes sense to choose our Best Value Deal and collect the $71.71 in savings and gifts.

     Act today while this Special Introductory Offer lasts…

1 Bottle

$24.97 per Bottle

  • Plus 1 Free Bottle of TruePR™

6 Bottles

$20.66 per Bottle
Plus FREE Shipping and Handling! 

  • Plus 1 more Free Bottle of TrueAloe™
  • Plus 2 Free Bottles of TruePR™

3 Bottles

$23.99 per Bottle
Plus FREE Shipping and Handling! 

  • Plus 1 Free Bottle of TruePR™

TrueAloe™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:   How many capsules of TrueAloe do I take?

A:  Each TrueAloe capsule contains 200mg of Aloe vera.. We recommend taking two (2) capsules twice (2) a day, or a total of four (4) capsules a day (800mg of TrueAloe™).

Many clients find it beneficial to start TrueAloe™ by doubling up on this serving size for the first 14 days. If you choose this direction, take four (4) capsules, twice (2) a day for the first 14 days.

What parts of the Aloe plant does TrueAloe come from?

A: The Aloe vera in TrueAloe™ made from the inner gel and part of the mucilage from the outer part of the leaf, but not Aloe latex (or sap) where the anthraquinones with strong laxative properties reside.

Q: Why is it important to avoid the Aloe latex and anthraquinones?

A:  Anthraquinones have very strong laxative properties. They can cause painful stomach cramps, diarrhea and interfere with nutrient absorption, which over time could lead to serious health conditions.

This is not a concern with TrueAloe™.   Each batch of TrueAloe™ is tested, and routinely shows the powder contains less than 1 part per million (ppm) of anthraquinones, which is far less than the maximum 10ppm purity standard set by International Aloe Science Council (IASC).

How long have you been selling TrueAloe?

A:  We started selling TrueAloe™ in March 2002.  The original product was upgraded to the current formula in 2008 after we teamed up with Dr. Danhof.

Q: Are there any additives or preservatives in TrueAloe

A:  No, the only ingredient is the TrueAloe™ powder.

Q: How many bottles should I order

A:  Each bottle of TrueAloe™ is a 30 day supply and since your order comes with a fully 1 year money back guarantee, we recommend taking advantage of our quantity discount pricing so you can save more today.. Plus, when you order 3 bottles or more you will receive FREE shipping and handling.

Also important, in general our clients who get the best results have been taking TrueAloe™ for 5 or 6 months.  That’s why we recommend choosing the Best Value Deal.

Q: When will I receive my order

Your order will ship from our Florida facility within one business day. Most orders take 2-4 days on average to arrive once shipped, depending on your location.  We will email you the tracking information when the order ships, and we’re here for you by phone 24/7 if you have any questions.

Q: Is this an autoship purchase

A: No, this is a one-time purchase.  If you prefer the convenience and extra savings of autoship, we’ll be happy to set that up for you. It’s your decision!

Q: Do I take TrueAloe with or without food

A:  Either, depending on what’s most convenient for you.  However, considering that Aloe vera helps improve absorption of certain nutrients, we generally recommend taking with food or with other vitamin supplements.

1 Bottle

$24.97 per Bottle

  • Plus 1 Free Bottle of TruePR™

6 Bottles

$20.66 per Bottle
Plus FREE Shipping and Handling! 

  • Plus 1 more Free Bottle of TrueAloe™
  • Plus 2 Free Bottles of TruePR™

3 Bottles

$23.99 per Bottle
Plus FREE Shipping and Handling! 

  • Plus 1 Free Bottle of TruePR™

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