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Flat Rate Shipping Only $6.95 on Any Order Size - and Always FREE for Club Members

The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Taking a Probiotic Supplement!

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A high quality, properly made probiotic product can be a real difference maker in your health.

In fact, in our opinion, almost everyone should consider taking a probiotic supplement because it’s hard to maintain a good balance of “good” versus “harmful” bacteria in our intestines without some extra help.

That’s why nearly every food and supplement company wants a piece of the probiotic action, resulting in a lot of inferior probiotic products for sale.

Before you purchase any probiotic supplement, here are the five questions you need to ask to ensure you’re getting a quality product…

  1. How many billion live cells does the probiotic provide in a serving?
  2. What company provides the probiotic cells in the capsule?
  3. What type of capsule is used?
  4. What is done in packaging to ensure the live cells remain alive?
  5. Are prebiotic ingredients in each capsule?

In the next few minutes, I’ll show why these questions are important so you can avoid being ripped off when choosing a probiotic.

Better yet, I will introduce you to TrueLife PB™, the best probiotic value on the market and show you how it answers all of these critical questions!

30 Billion Live Probiotic Cells Per Capsule

One of the biggest problems with many probiotic supplements is they’re lacking in potency.

A probiotic research review published in Complementary and Alternative Medicine noted that for adults to see meaningful benefits, taking at least 10 billion probiotic cells per day is required, in general, and higher amounts may produce increased benefits.

With the expert guidance of our probiotic supplier, Danisco®, we formulated TrueLife PB™ with 30 billion live probiotic cells in an easy-to-swallow capsule.

TrueLife PB - The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Taking a Probiotic Supplement! The probiotic strains in TrueLifePB™ were carefully selected based on three criteria:

  1. Ability to survive the trip from your mouth to your intestines
  2. Ability to bind and colonize once in your intestines, and
  3. Ability to provide significant health benefits

Only probiotic strains that passed all of these criteria with flying colors were included in TrueLife PB™.

The result is a potent six strain probiotic featuring 30 billion live probiotic cells per serving, which offers many digestive and immune health benefits.

Who Makes The Probiotic Bacteria
in Your Supplement?

To be the best, you have to work with the best…and that’s why NatureCity® partnered with world renowned probiotic manufacturer Danisco®.

Danisco® was one of the pioneers in probiotics and has over 25 years of experience manufacturing probiotics at facilities all over the world, including here in the United States.

Now part of the Dupont® family of companies, they have unrivaled research capability and as important, Danisco® has a documented record of quality and safety that is top notch.

For NatureCity® and its clients, Danisco® developed the custom probiotic blend that our clients have been raving about for the last 12 years. The probiotics are dairy-free, and made from non-GMO vegan friendly sources.

Danisco® specifically cultivates its probiotic cells under harsh conditions so they develop the ability to adapt and survive in the various environments the probiotic cells may encounter while travelling through your digestive tract.

This includes being able to resist stomach acid and survive in both acid and alkaline ph environments, and also resist digestive enzymes, which break down nutrients.

And last, even if probiotic cells survive stomach acid and digestive enzymes, they can still be destroyed by bile salts in the small intestine. The probiotic strains in TrueLife PB™ have been shown to tolerate bile salts also.

TrueLife PB - The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Taking a Probiotic Supplement!

Even though the TrueLife PB™ probiotic strains can survive on their own, we don’t take any chances. We use special capsules that ensure the probiotics aren’t damaged in the stomach…

DRcaps®: Delay Release of Probiotic Powder
Until Capsule Leaves The Stomach

When you take a product with a normal capsule, the capsule starts to dissolve immediately, and after about 15 minutes it is completely disintegrated – emptying the powder into the stomach.

For TrueLife PB™, we use a special vegetarian capsule called DRcaps® , which don’t begin releasing the powder till about 52 minutes after you take TrueLife PB™. At this point, the capsule should be leaving the stomach and about to enter the intestines.

And over the next hour or two, the probiotics cells inside the TrueLife PB™ capsules are fully released into the intestines – where they can quickly go to work.

DRcaps® effectively eliminates any concern you may have about the probiotics surviving the trip through the stomach.

Better yet, DRcaps® accomplish this very elegantly and safely – and without the use of coatings or undesirable solvents or chemicals.

Why You Should Avoid
Bottled Probiotics...

In case you don’t know, the biggest enemies of probiotics are oxygen, moisture, light and extreme heat. All of these will awaken the probiotic cells from their freeze-dried state, which can lead to their destruction.

For this reason, packaging the capsules in a bottle is a bad decision and can cause the product to rapidly degrade and lose potency.

Just consider that every time you open the cap on the bottle, you’re exposing the 30 billion live cells to light, air and moisture… it’s practically a death sentence.

TrueLife PB™ is carefully made and packaged to protect the delicate probiotic cells so they are alive when you take the product.

This process starts with the capsule. You want a veggie capsule made of cellulose to house the probiotic powder in your supplement.

Although these capsules are a little more expensive to produce, they keep out moisture and humidity better than anything else – which is the why we exclusively use veggie capsules (as mentioned the DRcaps® brand).

TrueLife PB

After the probiotics have been encapsulated and tested for potency and purity, each TrueLife PB™ capsule is placed in its own individual blister pack chamber under a “nitrogen blanket.”

Why is this important?

It’s because nitrogen is a very dry substance that helps keep oxygen and moisture out of the chamber housing the capsule.

Finally, the chambers are sealed using a double foil seal that keeps the light out.

At this point, three blister pack sleeves are packed into a box – and ready to be shipped to your home.

This comprehensive system helps assure that TrueLife PB™ retains its potency and be “fresh” when you use it.

All you do is pop open one of the TrueLife PB™ capsules from its individually sealed chamber and take it without disturbing or harming the rest of your capsules.

Other companies don’t package their probiotics this way because it’s more expensive, but we don’t settle for anything but the BEST!

Another Extra Step: Including Prebiotics in TrueLife PB™

You can see that great care is taken to ensure the 30 billion probiotic cells in each TrueLife PB™ capsule remain “sleeping” in their freeze dried state until you take the capsule.

TrueLife PB facts panel

So you may be wondering, what happens if some of them wake up?

Well, in ordinary, run of the mill probiotic supplements many of these probiotic cells will die of starvation because they can’t find any food.

With TrueLife PB™, we didn’t ignore this concern, we added two prebiotics to the formulation. A prebiotic is simply an ingredient that serves as food for probiotics.

So if some of the cells in a TrueLife PB™ capsule awaken, these cells will have food available to help keep them alive.

If the cells stay asleep, the prebiotics won’t go to waste – they’ll help feed the friendly bacteria in your intestines.

The first of these prebiotics is a fiber from chicory root known as inulin (not to be confused with insulin). Inulin contains compounds known as fructooligosaccharides, or better “FOS”, that friendly bacteria love to consume – thus it is a very desirable prebiotic.

The second prebiotic is called ACTAZIN™, a high quality extract of New Zealand green kiwifruit.

ACTAZIN™ has the unique ability to selectively feed bacteria known to enhance a healthy gut.

This is an advantage over many other prebiotics which feed all bacteria – good and bad – indiscriminately.

TrueLife PB™: Not Only A Great Product…
A Great Value Too!

You’ve seen how TrueLife PB™ carefully addresses all five of the questions posed earlier…and then some!

NatureCity guarantee

The good news is TrueLife PB™ is a premium product, but we don’t charge you a premium price.

In fact, a box of TrueLife PB™ is just $29.97, which is far less than you’d pay for similar quality and potency.

But today you can pay a lot less...

I strongly recommend you take advantage of our 6 box Best Value offer. With this deal you reduce your box cost to only $24.83… that’s a 17% savings.

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Just order today by choosing one of the offers below or give us a call at 1-800-679-7619 and we’ll rush TrueLife PB™ to your home. Please act today!

Yours for Better Health,

Carl Pradelli President & CEO

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      Carl Pradelli
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